Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Mower is running again

Remember the mower that my Dad bought for Colin earlier this year? Well it died about 1/2 way through Summer and there was one devastated little boy. He had high hopes to mow this world and it crumbled. Dad found someone that could look at it and even though it isn't "fixed", it's running. Dad brought it back to our house this weekend and Colin has been mowing the town (or at least the neighbors) ever since. It's amazing what your kid will do when he has a moving vehicle to do it with.

I was in the house today cleaning and I could hear the mower going around, and around, and around the house. He was mulching the leaves. However we didn't have any leaves in our yard to mulch, but he thought we did. After a bit he went to the neighbor ladies yard. She doesn't mind, in fact he mowed her grass yesterday. Next think I noticed, he was picking up the piles of sticks she had out back. Now the pile of sticks is in our yard. Oh well. He was loving his neighbor. :)

Can you see that smile on his face?

Romeo has a new toy too. A Halloween Bat from Martha Stewart's Halloween pet line. It came from PetSmart. He went to the beauty shop, or barber shop, yesterday so he deserved a new toy (plus it was 50% off). He loves it, as you can tell.

And how could anyone resist those sweet little eyes??!!

Count down to my 40TH BIRTHDAY!! It's this coming Saturday. The big 4-0 isn't bothering me a bit. I love birthdays ........................ bring it on!

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