Monday, October 18, 2010


Where has time gone? I'll tell you.......

1) Work - Poo-Poo, me no like work (well I love the people I work with and the money I make to pay the bills, just wish I could stay home all day and play)

2) Holiday Craft Show - Had my 2nd craft show and it was all about Christmas. I had to hunker down after losing Grandma and get busy at making things. The show was last weekend and it's finally over. I enjoyed it, but needed it to be over.

3) My home....a mess - I sold Colin's loft bed and our entertainment center. That meant a whole bunch of stuff without a home so it was just sitting around. Sold the stuff on Saturday and headed to Chicago on Monday to IKEA. Pictures to come later.

It's almost Halloween (and my birthday) and I haven't even gotten my decorations out. I DO NOT want Christmas to come up like this so as of last weekend, the crummy stuff must go and the fun holiday time must come. My home feels better, my spirit feels better and I'm back to enjoying life without turmoil around.

Now, I cannot make any promises on my blog. I'm not going to let it worry me because I don't have time for a post. Finding my pumpkins are more important right now to be. I promise to keep up when time allows. I have lots of pictures to show you now, but don't even have time to download them from my camera. Oh well, life will go on. I sure hope life with all of you is well.

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