Sunday, November 14, 2010

Crafty Michigan Weekend

Colin and I went to see my Sister this weekend in Michigan and as always, we had lots of fun. My oldest niece, Shelby had a High School dance to attend Saturday night so we stuck around home all weekend so the kids could play, and the adults played too. With crafts!

Shann planned this craft that was so stinkin cute, we couldn't stop laughing while we were putting it together. The little snow people are made from the fingers of white mittens. Each snowman represents someone from our family.

Our Family: Me, Colin, Romeo, Tiger and Calleigh.

Shann's Family: Mark, Shann, Shelby and Taylor
Aren't they adorable?!?!?!
Romeo enjoyed his visit with Aunt Shann too. By Saturday afternoon he tried to catch a few winks while we were sitting down looking at magazines. Otherwise, he was following us everywhere. I bought him a new toy before we left and gave it to him once we got to Shann's. He loves his stuffed you can see.

Saturday evening it was time for Shelby's dance. She was absolutely beautiful and I think her date thought so too. He was very handsome as well. He sure smiled when he looked at Shelby. (look who snuck in this picture, sitting on the arm chair)
Shelby's date bought her a corsage and he even put it on her. She just blushed. :)

Look at him looking at her while slipping the flower on her wrist. How sweet!

One of Shelby's girlfriends stopped by for pictures too. They are two beautiful girls!

After Shelby left we put our jammies on and did some more crafts. I brought a bunch of scrapbook paper and we made homemade Christmas tags. We stayed up late until it was time for Shelby to come home. She had a great time at the dance.

Sunday morning we made our final craft, another one Shann found. She took red and white pipe cleaners and soaked them in tea so they were a bit antiqued. Then she dried them in the dryer, we cut them in half and took a white and red pipe cleaner and wrapped them around one another. Once wrapped you put the little curve to make the shape of a candy cane and we added some glitter to sparkle them up. Super cute!

By Sunday Romeo was really enjoying his new stuffed animal, so much he tore a hole in its bottom and before long, we found stuffing everywhere and he even pulled out the squeaker. I grabbed it, stuck it back inside and asked Aunt Shann if she could sew up his hole. She said she would give it a try on her sewing machine so hopefully it would have a tighter stitch. As we all know, I wouldn't be able to do that after my last experience with Bernice.

She took the bear and Romeo would not leave her side. He wanted his bear back, he didn't care about the hole. They do say, Aussies protect their flock.

"Oh Aunt Shann, hurry up and give me the bear! It's killing me!"

"Oh thank you, thank you".

We had such a fun time. We are ready to go back. Romeo too.

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  1. Come back...come back....I missy you!! XOXOXO