Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween and My Birthday

We had a fun-filled weekend this past weekend. We had lots of Birthday celebrations for me and Halloween all thrown in together. And as a result, lots of pictures to share.

Colin didn't have school Friday because of parent teacher conferences so he went to work with my Dad. They both like to dress up so Colin went as a construction worker and you'll see Dad's silly costume later. Friday after work I headed out to dinner with my girlfriends from work. We had a blast at dinner and had some great conversation! Can't share anything else. :)

Saturday it was time to party with my family and friends. Saturday morning my Sister planned the Birthday Club party with all 5 of us ladies. I didn't get any pictures, Shann has them all. It was a wonderful party with a yummy breakfast and lots of super presents.

Later in the afternoon we all headed to Mom and Dad's for party #2. Mom and Dad made us dinner Saturday night. We grilled out hamburgers, hot dogs and had German Potato Salad to go along with it. Before dinner got started we opened presents (one of my favorite activities). Romeo came to the party at Nana's and got some lovin' from Tee-Tee.

This cute little gal was a present from my parents. I'm very scared of her and because of that she still sits in her box. My sister is not afraid of them at all but I am very intimidated. I will muster up the courage to play with it and figure her out, but I'm just not there yet. Soon. (In cause you wanted to know, I will use her to sew paper.....NOT fabric. That would really put me over the edge.)

My most favorite present was a new printer. I've already printed a few pictures and I LOVE how well it works. It also has a scanner that I really wanted for all of those old pictures I want to save. It already came in handy last night when we needed to scan a picture for a 6th grade school project. Thanks Mom, Dad, Shann, Mark, Shelby and Tee-Tee!

After presents Dad started a bomb-fire. Colin is all about fire so he was right there watching it and poked it with a stick.

Dad cooking the hamburgers.

I saw these suckers laying on the counter and couldn't believe how big they were. They are called "Giant Roasters". I will show you another picture of them soon.

After presents and dinner (and a playoff football game) we all sat outside to have smores. Uncle Mark took this picture of Colin and I. Do I look 40?

Here are those Giant Roaster marshmallows compared to a regular mallow. Is that huge or what? It didn't fit well on the graham cracker. You should have seen my Dad trying to eat one. I was laughing too hard I couldn't get a good picture of him. Very stringy!

And as if we didn't have enough sugar already, Mom baked me a cherry cobbler. I'm not the typical type when it comes to birthday's. I do not like cake. Instead, Mom bakes me a fruit pie or cobbler every year. So here I am blowing out my candles. Please note my Sissy to the right. She is trying to steal my thunder! Click on the picture to get a good gander at her huffin and puffin.

And here she is trying even harder! Guess she didn't think I was getting it good enough. These pictures reminded me of another picture long ago. I think she raised her kids to be the same way.

Get a load of this! Tee-Tee is stealing Colin's thunder on his 3rd Birthday. Candle stealers.

Sunday after my Sissy and her family headed home Colin and I decided we better carve pumpkins since it was Halloween after all. It was such beautiful weather we headed outside to the patio table to do the carving.

Colin decided to go with the unconventional methods and broke out the power drill. Gotta love a boy.

Such determination.

After the pumpkin's were carved, candy was out, it was time to get someone else ready for Halloween......Romeo. I already posted a picture of him in his Superman costume. In this picture he looks more like Santa Superman with that white beard.

Dad put his costume on later in the evening and Romeo did NOT like it at all. Well it didn't help that Dad was creeping up to him with his hands held out. Romeo was barking and growling (a true protector, I think). I told Dad if he got bit, it was his own fault.

Papa getting chewed out.

And finally, here are the masterpieces decorating our porch. We only had 4 trick-or-treaters but it was a wonderful Halloween. And an even better 40th Birthday!

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