Sunday, November 7, 2010

She drove me to drink

Remember my birthday present? Well I decided she had sat in her box long enough and it was time to come out. Friday night while Colin was with his Dad, I mustered up enough courage to try and sew with the bad boy (girl). When I got her out of her box I noticed the needle was no longer threaded. However I noticed there were two pieces of thread, one from the bobbin on top and one from the bobbin underneath. I never knew there was a bobbin underneath.

I had no idea what to do. I tried calling my Sister and she didn't answer.....rats! I found the manual and decided to follow the instructions. I figured out I should leave the thread from the bobbin underneath alone. OK, I can do this. I finally got her threaded (at the age of 40, I really need glasses now to deal with this machine and that itty bitty eye on that needle). I grabbed a piece of paper, hit the start button and everything fell apart. She sucked all the thread in and crammed it down under that hole thingy and all this extra thread started coming off and I got so flustered I couldn't even remember how to shut the thing off. While trying to dig the thread out I poked myself with the needle and started bleeding. This meant war.

So I did what every woman would do, I went to the frig and poured myself a glass of wine.

OK, things are better now. About 5 tries later and a ton of wasted thread, I SEWED! It wasn't pretty, but I sewed. My path was not straight, but I'll always remember that little project. I made something for my December Daily Album so it will forever be in a scrapbook for me to see. There may even be some blood stain, but it is not war if blood is not shed. And in the end, I won.
Tiger and Romeo stayed with me through the battle. Both were bored out of their minds, but they didn't leave my side, even with the yelling.

I named my little machine with the help of my Sissy. I cannot repeat the names I originally was calling her because this is a family blog, but after sharing the story (and some laughs) with my Sister she came up with a proper name..........Bernice. So, Bernice it shall be and if that chick ever makes me bleed again, she will be in time-out in the garage.


  1. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Bernice will someday become a good friend. I promise. :) My machine makes me want to swear, drink and kick the dog sometimes. Well, not kick....just a small tap. :)

  2. LOL oh to have been a fly on the wall! :)

  3. Thanks sweetheart I have not had this good of a laugh for ages. Hang in ther your sis mastered a BIG one by herself, so I know you will Bernice!