Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Got any fun plans tonight? I will be staying in with my little buddy and we will watch movies, play games and stay up until 11:00 our time....12:00 New York time and watch the ball drop. Every year Colin begs me to stay up to midnight and I tell him every year, nothing magical happens at midnight, I promise.
So, 11:00pm is plenty late for me. I hope however late you stay up to "ring" in the new year you have a fabulous beginning to 2011!
Happy New Year

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

It's finally Christmas Eve, this day has come so quickly. We are all together as a family ready to celebrate this special day. I hope you are with all of your loved ones as well.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas a long time ago

I love all things vintage, but what about when it's your Dad? This is a picture of my Dad and Aunt about 69 or 70 years ago? Is this as sweet as pie or what? Look at the toys they received and the cute little pairs of shoes. Can you imagine giving your kids shoes for Christmas these days? Wish I had that cute little stove of my Aunts. :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

This cracks me up

Today in Colin's advent boxes, I had a little Lego package with a surprise figurine in it. When he opened it he discovered it was a skier. He put it together and I decided he needed his picture but it must fit his outfit, so I stuck it in a snow drift in our backyard. Sometimes I crack myself up.

Glad our neighbors moved, nothing like seeing a freaky lady running outside in her PJ's and house slippers taking pictures of a Lego dude.

Santa Clause

Last night I was updating my December Daily Album and I wanted to put some old pictures in there for Colin to know what his Mom looked like when she was a little girl. We have lots of pictures of my Sister and I with Santa Clause.

Here is my Sissy. Looks like she is engaged in a very deep conversation with him.

Here is me with Santa (groovy outfit).

A littler me with Santa. Giving the candy canes he just gave me away. It looks like I'm in a panic mode.

And me with Santa again but it sure doesn't look like I'm enjoying this. If you've noticed in most of the pictures (except the groovy outfit one) the Santa is all the same. He is a very dear friend of my parents and he would come visit us every year. Now fast forward 30 years and see the next picture.

Here is Colin when he was 11 months old, sitting on the same Santa's lap. This was the last year Santa dressed up for our family but he waited until we had kids. I had to put a picture of Mom and Santa in our December Album and Colin and Santa. As you can tell, Colin liked him more than me.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Birthday Club and Snowy Weather

This weekend we celebrated more birthdays in the Birthday Club. We had two girlfriends with birthdays so there was an extra amount of things to be thankful for. We celebrated at my house with a yummy breakfast, lots of coffee and even more presents. After the presents were open we decided to set the cameras up to take some shots with the timer.

While I was trying to figure things out Romeo wasn't sure how to react because there was a whole lot of laughing going on with women in high pitched voices. That just gets him so excited, he had to come see what all the commotion was all about. He took my spot in the first picture.

After about 15 attempts, we finally got one good one.

Then Shann suggested we make silly faces like all of our kids do when we try to take their pictures. We were laughing so hard we were all crying. I can't even believe I am putting this picture on my blog. :)

This morning the animals and I woke up to a fresh blanket of snow. It was still a bit dark outside and Romeo didn't want to go out once he realized how cold it had gotten. But, he went after starring back at me for a bit.

I still had the quilt table cloth on the kitchen table from our party yesterday and it seems someone thought it was a nice place to sit. The cats are not allowed on the table or counter tops, but I guess this shows what goes on while I'm not here.

Tiger was checking out all of the new snow as well.

It is very, very cold here today and there are extremely high winds. The snow is blowing so bad I can't see my neighbors house......that's bad.
I'm still plugging away on my Daily December Album and loving it. Getting that caught up today and I believe next I will watch another Christmas movie and wrap more presents. Later when Colin gets home we'll do some baking. Christmas is only 13 days away!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Santa's Naughty List

Well, one of my children will be on Santa's naughty list.

It isn't him.............

It isn't her.....................

For goodness sake, it isn't him...................

Yup, it's Tiger. Don't let this sweet innocent face fool you.

I went into Colin's room this morning to wake him up and noticed Tiger was lying on the floor next to Colin's bed with this next to him:

He chewed the end off of Colin's Christmas tree light strand! Luckily for Tiger, it wasn't plugged in. It reminded me of this on the link:

Tiger, Santa won't be brining you any toys this year.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas in Chicago

Chicago is a very fun place to go for Christmas. I don't mean to wake up Christmas morning there, I mean to go before Christmas to shop or just browse the city. Seems like we never have enough time when we go (or money) and this trip was especially quick. But the whole point of the trip was to surprise Colin with a visit to Legoland.

The first room in Legoland was a miniature replica of the Windy City. There was so much detail it was amazing. And even more amazing is the whole thing was built using Lego bricks! While looking at the Lego scenery all of a sudden the lights start to dim and the lights inside the buildings come on. The crickets start chirping, the street lights come on and the city sounds change. The lights on the fountain light up and music starts playing. It is soooooo neat (I can't say that enough).

After leaving the big city, you walk into a bunch of other rooms where they have life size figurines and people. This was Colin's favorite, the Tiger.

From there you go to shops to build all sorts of items; to a small factory showing how Lego's are made; to a race car track building area so you can race your cars; to rooms with carnival rides (made out of Lego's of course). A very cool place and well worth the drive for us.

After the Lego store we had dinner and did some more shopping before heading back to our hotel room. Colin looked at a Phineas and Ferb magazine he bought at the Disney store and I chilled next to him. Tomorrow, we head downtown to visit Macy's before going home.

We woke up Saturday morning to a bunch of snow. They probably got around 3-4 inches but I came prepared. I had our boots, hats, gloves and scarves. Colin helped me clean off the car while I loaded it up. Oh to have snow, it was such a great feeling.

It was still snowing pretty good by the time we made it downtown. I didn't really know where I was going and my GPS was making me mad so I told Colin to shut her off and we would find our way. Before we knew it we were sitting at a stop light and we both looked up and realized we were next to the Sears Tower. It was a little hard to see with all the snow.

We found a parking garage and started the trek our way to Macy's. Along the way we stopped for some peppermint coffee and hot cocoa. Colin loved sipping on cocoa while walking the snowing sidewalks. I LOVED my coffee from Starbucks!

We knew instantly when we got to Macy's because of their famous golden trumpets. It was so beautiful with all of the snow (but my hair on the other was not lookin so good).

The windows were decorated after the new book Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Clause.

One thing we both wanted to do was find the Christmas Tree in the Walnut Room. Someday I will stay long enough so we have have breakfast under that tree, but not this year. Instead we admired the beautiful tree from outside the tea room and took lots of pictures.

From there we headed to the toy section. Macy's always has extra large stuffed animals so Colin wanted to find them. As always, he was drawn to the Tiger (his love).

After a bit more shopping we decided we needed to head home because the snow was still coming and I wanted to make sure we made it home before dark. As we got closer to home I asked Colin if he wanted to stop at a Reindeer Farm near our home and he said "Of course!". So we made a little detour to visit Santa's Reindeer. Yukon was the largest Reindeer and he loved graham crackers.

Freezing cold and tired, we hopped back in the car and finished our drive home. We had 3 animals back home we both missed so we were anxious to get home. Not to mention, Colin had a ton of new Lego things he wanted to build.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Legoland Weekend

Just a quick picture to show you where Colin and I went yesterday....Legoland in Chicago. It was a total surprise for him, I picked him up at school and he thought I was taking him out to lunch. I jumped on the interstate and told him "How about lunch in Chicago?" and he didn't know what hit him. He also didn't know this store existed until we pulled up to the store front. It was more excitement in one day than a boy could have.

More to come later. Enjoying being home in my nice quiet quarters after leaving the Windy City. Plus I have 230 pictures to pick from to do my December Daily Album. Oh dear, where to start?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Do your cats sleep here too?

December is HERE!

December is truly here. We woke up to snow yesterday. It wasn't a lot, just a little dusting. I was excited about it until my Sister sent me a text picture of the snow she got in Michigan. Show off. :)

Sleepyhead Colin was happy to see it when he crawled out of bed. We are supposed to get "measurable" snow this weekend so that is something fun to look forward to.

The signs of Christmas are all over our home. Tree is up, music is being played, peppermint candles are being burned and the cat has already destroyed the manger scene. Good thing it's Fisher Price little people. The worst he can do is bat baby Jesus around the living room. But that big fluffy dog better not eat him. Animal chaos at our house.