Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa Clause

Last night I was updating my December Daily Album and I wanted to put some old pictures in there for Colin to know what his Mom looked like when she was a little girl. We have lots of pictures of my Sister and I with Santa Clause.

Here is my Sissy. Looks like she is engaged in a very deep conversation with him.

Here is me with Santa (groovy outfit).

A littler me with Santa. Giving the candy canes he just gave me away. It looks like I'm in a panic mode.

And me with Santa again but it sure doesn't look like I'm enjoying this. If you've noticed in most of the pictures (except the groovy outfit one) the Santa is all the same. He is a very dear friend of my parents and he would come visit us every year. Now fast forward 30 years and see the next picture.

Here is Colin when he was 11 months old, sitting on the same Santa's lap. This was the last year Santa dressed up for our family but he waited until we had kids. I had to put a picture of Mom and Santa in our December Album and Colin and Santa. As you can tell, Colin liked him more than me.

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  1. I am so thankful you have since changed your tune and like the big guy now. He really is very nice. ;)