Monday, January 31, 2011

Hunker Down

For many of us in the Midwest, there is a Monster of a snow storm coming. Locally, we are expected to get up to 1" of ice before the 100 feet of snow comes. (Well, not really that much but close to 2' might as well be 100') It has already started and it wasn't fun driving home from work in it.

I say, it's a good time to Hunker Down! Stay safe wherever you are!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Present for my Sissy

I can show you this now because my Sissy has received her Valentine box. I found this cute vase during my St. Louis shopping trip and knew I needed to buy it for my Sissy. She always has pretty flowers in her yard and one time while I was there I couldn't find a little vase to display flowers, so I mailed her one to permanently have.

But instead of just a cute little vase, I decked it out with a pink gingham ribbon and added a tiny strawberry charm. She is getting LOTS of snow so hopefully the idea of flowers coming soon to fill the vase will brighten her day (and get her out of the snow globe she is living in).

Monday, January 24, 2011

My kid was mortified

Colin came home to tell me that one of my pantyhose socks was stuck to the inside of his PE shorts this morning. He was so embarrassed he threw it away. I said "My good pantyhose!". I'm sure the sound of the word killed him.

The last time this happened he was running down the basketball court during a game and one of my socks started falling out of the bottom of his shorts. I knew immediately what it was and before long his coach saw it. Finally Colin felt it, pulled it out and tossed it to his coach. All I could envision was a pair of my panties. I.....would have been mortified.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Be Still my Heart........

Oh how I wish I had $3,998.00 sitting around. I would SO go here:

When I read the details about the Saturday excursion I about decided to cash in my retirement and go.

Saturday, October 8th

This morning, following breakfast, Ali will teach a very special class. Later in the morning, we will drive to the family owned- IL POGGIO WINERY, where we will enjoy the unique opportunity to participate in an authentic Tuscany Cooking class. Our teacher is an Italian grandpa who is a retired executive chef. This is a hands-on class, and we’ll each learn how to make homemade pasta, different sauces, sample homemade crostini, and learn the recipe to make the popular Italian drink, Limoncello.Following our cooking lesson, we’ll walk into the vineyard and learn about wine making and olive oil production. This is followed by wine tasting and a delicious five course lunch! We will return (stagger) back to our hotel later in the afternoon, where the remainder of the evening is free for you to enjoy at your leisure. B, L

Besides a Scrapbooking vacation with Ali Edwards, it's in stinkin Tuscany! Wow, how neat. And the crazy part, this thing will sell out because enough ladies will go. Oh maybe some day. And while I'm dreaming, I will go here someday if it means I must cash in my retirement fund.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Crafting for Etsy

I have been playing with all of my new purchases to fill my Etsy shop. Here are the items I have made so far:

A housewife's chore list is never done.

Brillo advertisement for the busy worker.

What's cooking?

Cupid for Valentine's Day.

Our Love Story (used those butterflies I love)

A Valentine Post Card.
That's it so far. I think I may try to scrapbook some today but I also need to help Colin with a school project. Regardless, it's a fun day at home. Hope you get to stay home today on this holiday celebrating a great leader.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Power Shopping Complete

Our Scrapbook power shopping extravaganza is complete! We made the 6 hour round trip visit to St. Louis and have lots of goodies to prove it. If paper isn't your thing, you might as well stop reading this now. I on the other hand am in heaven. In fact I got up at 6:00am this morning because I wanted to look at my goodies again.

This was one of my last purchases of the day and I only bought it because it reminded me of my Grandma that just recently passed away. She loved to do Word-Find books so I bought the paper planning on doing a layout in her memory. It is called Skipping by Hopscotch.

I don't normally buy a lot of Valentine paper only because it is such a small holiday. But I couldn't pass this up. And honestly, I will use it for other layouts involving Colin. Because he is a little Corny after all. It is called "Dearest" by We R Memory.

I'm always looking for cute embellishments to add to my Etsy items and I fell in love with these butterflies. I have been on a butterfly kick lately (as my girlfriend knows because I'm still looking for a punch I like). They are by Prima Flowers. Can't wait to use them and the sweet little rose buds.

This is probably one of my most favorite items from our trip. It is Je t'adore by Making Memories. It could be used for Valentine's Day but it is full of Parisian items that I absolutely adore. I long to go to Paris so every time I see something with the Eiffel Tower, I have a hard time passing it up.


Oh lots of goodies. tickets, buttons, clip-art (Pink Eiffel Tower!!!!) and lots of other sweetness.

Love the matching stickers (can I say love enough times??).

Je t'adore means "I adore You" in French. I adore these items. :)

One of the items on my shopping list that I hoped to find was "Modern Homemaker" by October Afternoon. OA is my favorite line of scrapbooking paper and none of our stores carry it. Many times when you buy it on-line they are sold out or back ordered, so it made me so happy to find a lot of it in St. Louie.

Gotta love a woman that cooks in a dress and heals (and has a pink stand mixer).

These cute little wild cards have lots of vintage items. And here Helpful Sally is dusting. Go Sally.

Another thing I have been longing to see in person is the Kitschy Kitchen line by Melissa Frances. Her things are so darn cute and have a vintage appeal but extra cute flare.

This line reminds me of my Grandma Mac so much. She was always dressed to kill and wore aprons all the time. She did cook in a dress and heels.

Sometimes you see paper that is so funny, you must also grab a few sheets. This is by Imaginisce and it's called "Ruffin' It". Can you see the cute bow-wow with the goggles? I bought it to do a spread of Romeo and our trips to Michigan. I have some cute pictures of him in the car. Gotta love the little airstream camper too. :)

Another love is the "Campfire" line by October Afternoon. We have lots of camping pictures (I'm a bit behind in scrapbooking) that will look extra cute on this paper. I love the midnight star sheet of paper.....and all those little critters.

Cute map and story sheet.

More critters.
Sometimes you buy something that doesn't involve scrapbooking. Like glass glitter by Melissa Francis. I'm also a sucker for bling.

That's enough of the pictures, I probably lost my whole crowd by now. I did come home with a few other things but some are presents so I cannot show them. :) Now I have lots of creative juices running through me so I must get busy. First, time to go to church and thank my Lord for giving me some creativity. I'm so thankful he did.
I leave you with sunbathing pictures.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Oh the weekend is here and I'm heading to St. Louis with my scrappin buddy to do some shopping. We are only going for the day which means we will be in the car about 6 hours round trip. A lot of driving for shopping. However, if you have never seen some of the scrapbooking stores St. Louis has to offer, well then you cannot judge.

Our most favorite store is called Red Lead in Webster's Grove. Here is the link to their website. And here is the link to their on-line shopping. If you are too far away to make the drive, then shopping on-line is a lovely experience as well.

When you walk into their store you are overtaken with not only scrapbooking supplies, but the neatest art supplies around. They have the most adorable stamps, their own design, little trinkets, boxes, scraps, markers, chipboard, and shelves of glitter. Talk about eye candy! We usually kill about 2 hours in the store just taking it all in. We survey the store at least 10 times before we call it quits and make our purchases. Oh how I would love to just live in that store. :)

From there we will hit Archivers since we do not have one close to home either. It too is a lot of fun since they carry items our little Michael's and Hobby Lobby can not. We can kill 2 hours in there as well.

It's so fun because my girlfriend and I may start out shopping together but we may later split up, go our own ways and pace and then find ourselves meeting back up together again later. When we are checking out and watching each other's stash, we always end up buying the exact same things even though we did not shop together. She is my 1/2 sister. My other loves fabric, this one loves paper.

Well, better get some sleep so I have my energy for the power-mania shopping trip tomorrow. Stay tuned for a look at my goodies.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good Morning, Good Night

Breakfast this morning...........

Bedtime right now......... Someone is feeling better while someone else is probably burning up under 3 heavy blankets and a body full of fur.

But he does love to cuddle with his buddy.

This little miss on the other hand prefers to sleep alone with no one touching her. She is a petite little thing but look how round she looks sitting on my bed. I think her whiskers are wider than her body.

And this big guy, well he will lay in bed with you with his legs thrown over you, or his head laying on top of you and maybe even pant which make the whole bed shake. a total bed hog.
Guess who is waiting on me to finish this post so he can go get in MY bed!? I must admit, I allow him to visit for a little bit and then I can't stand his heat or his panting so he must get down. For heavens sake, he is the size of a human being!
Good night.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sick Day, Waffles and a Present

Yesterday afternoon I got a phone call at work that no Mother enjoys.....the school nurse. Colin was in her office with a stomach ache and a fever. Not a good sign. Well luckily it wasn't the stomach flu, but I think it was some kind of flu bug because he had aches, pains and lack of sleep because he felt so crummy. It carried over to today and therefor we had a sick day.

Colin didn't roll out of bed until 10:00am and by then he was hungry because he didn't eat any supper the night before. He asked if I would make him homemade waffles and I couldn't pass up a sick boy, so I agreed. I have the BEST waffle recipe if you have a waffle iron to make them. I found it in a Food Network Magazine and they taste 100% better than those frozen things and they don't require much work at all.

Classic Waffles
Whisk 2 cups flour, 4 teaspoons baking powder, 2 tablespoons sugar and 1 teaspoon salt. Mix in 2 eggs, 1 1/2 cups milk, 5 tablespoons melted shortening and 4 tablespoons melted butter. Cook in a waffle iron until crisp.
Yummy and pour on the Mrs. Buttersworth!
Unless you have an Army to feed (or more than 2 people and a dog), you can cut it in half which is what I did. I was able to get 7 waffles out of a 1/2 batch.

I had some defrosted blueberries in my frig from our Michigan trip last summer so I threw a handful of those in once I made enough plain waffles for Colin. Oh blueberries add a lovely touch and they look tasty too.

While I was cooking the waffles, Colin rested in the family room looking at a lovely little present that I received. My dearest friend stopped by this morning to drop off a magazine for me to look at while I was home with Colin today, but besides the magazine she gave me a present. She surprised me with a book that is actually my Blog in print! It is the NEATEST present ever!!! Thank you Dawn.....I love it!

Colin immediately sat down and started reading the book. It looks like she ordered it from this site, Shared Book. It is just so lovely, I can't wait to sit tonight and read it. I know it's my blog and I created the posts, but it's been such a long time I have forgotten what I even wrote about.

The front of the book has many different pictures from my posts. I just love the photos chosen. Inside are all of my posts with the pictures that go along with them. Isn't it sweet?!??!!!!!

So even though it's been a sick day, it's been a good day. Colin appears to be getting better so hopefully he will be back in school tomorrow. This weekend I'm heading to St. Louis with my same dear friend that made my blog book so we can hit some scrapbook stores. We have a couple favorite stores that just call our names every year. I can't wait for the weekend to come! Now..........I must go read the story about me.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Valentine's Day is coming

Christmas is over, time to move on to the next holiday. I love Valentine's Day. I may not have my own "Valentine" but I don't care. It's still a great holiday to celebrate and decorate!

I've started making some little items for my Etsy shop. I packed up all of the Christmas from my craft room and got out the Valentine. I like to place all of my cute embellishments in a basket so they are close and within reach. There is nothing like looking at a sea of pink, red and white on your work desk.

We did get that snow they were calling for. It only ended up being around 3 inches so even though I could build a snowman, he may need to wait for another snowfall. Or maybe a Michigan trip. Rumor has it they have a whole lot more of snow than we do! Hugh Sissy???