Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good Morning, Good Night

Breakfast this morning...........

Bedtime right now......... Someone is feeling better while someone else is probably burning up under 3 heavy blankets and a body full of fur.

But he does love to cuddle with his buddy.

This little miss on the other hand prefers to sleep alone with no one touching her. She is a petite little thing but look how round she looks sitting on my bed. I think her whiskers are wider than her body.

And this big guy, well he will lay in bed with you with his legs thrown over you, or his head laying on top of you and maybe even pant which make the whole bed shake. a total bed hog.
Guess who is waiting on me to finish this post so he can go get in MY bed!? I must admit, I allow him to visit for a little bit and then I can't stand his heat or his panting so he must get down. For heavens sake, he is the size of a human being!
Good night.

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