Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 2 - My Baby's Birthday

Twelve years ago I gave birth to the perfect little boy. I know all Mom's say that, but to me he was perfect because he was mine.....all mine.

He loved to be wrapped up tight in his blankets and would always fall asleep in my arms after eating.

Now fast forward 12 years and here he is. Mr. Independent that can just about do anything. And 99% of it, doesn't require my help. He is on his way to being a teenager. No longer needs wrapped up in blankets or needs help being fed.

In fact, he is gelling his hair to look "cool".

He is wearing football jerseys and telling me to take pictures of him to see how high he can jump.

He gets air compressors for birthday more Little Tikes......and he LOVES it!

He thinks it's funny to hear his PaPa sing to him.

Oh my, where did the last 12 years go? I know that God gave him to me and it is my job to raise him to send him out into this great big world. I have no problems with that, no problems at all. But can we slow it down just a tiny bit??? I would rather be changing his diapers than gelling his hair.

Happy 12th Birthday Buddy!


  1. A very happy birthday to your sweet boy!! I was thinking about the hair gel thing today with my twenty year old. Each year gets sweeter and sweeter! Love your background and banner, just beautiful!

  2. I was there and watched him come into this world of ours.....seems like it was last month! :) I love the hair gel! XOXOX Auntie

  3. Huge snow storm that night, NANA was not there:(
    From One Mommy to another. Even after He has left the nest, he will continue to bring you joy!You are a wonderful Momma. I so enjoy sitting back and watching my 2 girls raise their kids. Wow how can my heart hold all the gifts, that were given to me.! Thank You God!