Sunday, January 16, 2011

Power Shopping Complete

Our Scrapbook power shopping extravaganza is complete! We made the 6 hour round trip visit to St. Louis and have lots of goodies to prove it. If paper isn't your thing, you might as well stop reading this now. I on the other hand am in heaven. In fact I got up at 6:00am this morning because I wanted to look at my goodies again.

This was one of my last purchases of the day and I only bought it because it reminded me of my Grandma that just recently passed away. She loved to do Word-Find books so I bought the paper planning on doing a layout in her memory. It is called Skipping by Hopscotch.

I don't normally buy a lot of Valentine paper only because it is such a small holiday. But I couldn't pass this up. And honestly, I will use it for other layouts involving Colin. Because he is a little Corny after all. It is called "Dearest" by We R Memory.

I'm always looking for cute embellishments to add to my Etsy items and I fell in love with these butterflies. I have been on a butterfly kick lately (as my girlfriend knows because I'm still looking for a punch I like). They are by Prima Flowers. Can't wait to use them and the sweet little rose buds.

This is probably one of my most favorite items from our trip. It is Je t'adore by Making Memories. It could be used for Valentine's Day but it is full of Parisian items that I absolutely adore. I long to go to Paris so every time I see something with the Eiffel Tower, I have a hard time passing it up.


Oh lots of goodies. tickets, buttons, clip-art (Pink Eiffel Tower!!!!) and lots of other sweetness.

Love the matching stickers (can I say love enough times??).

Je t'adore means "I adore You" in French. I adore these items. :)

One of the items on my shopping list that I hoped to find was "Modern Homemaker" by October Afternoon. OA is my favorite line of scrapbooking paper and none of our stores carry it. Many times when you buy it on-line they are sold out or back ordered, so it made me so happy to find a lot of it in St. Louie.

Gotta love a woman that cooks in a dress and heals (and has a pink stand mixer).

These cute little wild cards have lots of vintage items. And here Helpful Sally is dusting. Go Sally.

Another thing I have been longing to see in person is the Kitschy Kitchen line by Melissa Frances. Her things are so darn cute and have a vintage appeal but extra cute flare.

This line reminds me of my Grandma Mac so much. She was always dressed to kill and wore aprons all the time. She did cook in a dress and heels.

Sometimes you see paper that is so funny, you must also grab a few sheets. This is by Imaginisce and it's called "Ruffin' It". Can you see the cute bow-wow with the goggles? I bought it to do a spread of Romeo and our trips to Michigan. I have some cute pictures of him in the car. Gotta love the little airstream camper too. :)

Another love is the "Campfire" line by October Afternoon. We have lots of camping pictures (I'm a bit behind in scrapbooking) that will look extra cute on this paper. I love the midnight star sheet of paper.....and all those little critters.

Cute map and story sheet.

More critters.
Sometimes you buy something that doesn't involve scrapbooking. Like glass glitter by Melissa Francis. I'm also a sucker for bling.

That's enough of the pictures, I probably lost my whole crowd by now. I did come home with a few other things but some are presents so I cannot show them. :) Now I have lots of creative juices running through me so I must get busy. First, time to go to church and thank my Lord for giving me some creativity. I'm so thankful he did.
I leave you with sunbathing pictures.

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  1. I am obsessed....yes, obsessed with "Modern Homemaker". I've been trying to resist buying every single page of goodness because I'm pretty sure it will just sit in my scrapbook cupboard with every other collection I HAVE TO HAVE, but just seeing it here on your blog is sending me to the moon once again.
    Thanks for that!
    Hmmm. I may just have to come up with a project to justify the purchase because it is one of the cutest scrapbook lines I have ever seen.
    Sorry! I could write a novel in your comments on just one sheet of the paper, let alone the Wild Cards and little Helpful Sally.
    Okay, I'll stop now.
    Have fun, and I am officially jealous of all your cute goodies.