Friday, January 14, 2011


Oh the weekend is here and I'm heading to St. Louis with my scrappin buddy to do some shopping. We are only going for the day which means we will be in the car about 6 hours round trip. A lot of driving for shopping. However, if you have never seen some of the scrapbooking stores St. Louis has to offer, well then you cannot judge.

Our most favorite store is called Red Lead in Webster's Grove. Here is the link to their website. And here is the link to their on-line shopping. If you are too far away to make the drive, then shopping on-line is a lovely experience as well.

When you walk into their store you are overtaken with not only scrapbooking supplies, but the neatest art supplies around. They have the most adorable stamps, their own design, little trinkets, boxes, scraps, markers, chipboard, and shelves of glitter. Talk about eye candy! We usually kill about 2 hours in the store just taking it all in. We survey the store at least 10 times before we call it quits and make our purchases. Oh how I would love to just live in that store. :)

From there we will hit Archivers since we do not have one close to home either. It too is a lot of fun since they carry items our little Michael's and Hobby Lobby can not. We can kill 2 hours in there as well.

It's so fun because my girlfriend and I may start out shopping together but we may later split up, go our own ways and pace and then find ourselves meeting back up together again later. When we are checking out and watching each other's stash, we always end up buying the exact same things even though we did not shop together. She is my 1/2 sister. My other loves fabric, this one loves paper.

Well, better get some sleep so I have my energy for the power-mania shopping trip tomorrow. Stay tuned for a look at my goodies.

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