Sunday, February 27, 2011

1st Place Champions Again

The boys came and conquered another basketball tournament this weekend. We won every game in the tournament therefore we took 1st place. The boys worked so hard at winning each game, they deserved it.

Receiving the trophies.

The team.

Every game was a close call, up and down by 1 point, lots of fouls, double dribbles and just high strung. It makes me nervous to watch games like that. I'm so happy they won and Colin enjoyed finding a new place in his bedroom to proudly display his new trophy.
Now, it's time for baseball. :)

Friday, February 25, 2011


Life has been too busy these days to blog........

1) Basketball needs to end, like really soon, before I have a meltdown. We had 3 games this week and we have 3 games tomorrow. 3.....all in one day. One at noon in a town 15 miles away, we run back home for a 2:00 game in our town, then fly back to the other town for a 4:00 game. Ugh!

2) Romeo thinks we abandoned him because we are gone so much. When we finally get home at 9:30pm, he is ready to take on the world and all we can go to bed. Poor bow-wow.

3) I did get a new gadget, I feel so "business like". It has too many buttons on it so I'm having a hard time working it. My sister calls it a dingleberry.

4) Our Spring weather took a nose dive last night. We got a new blanket of snow. But the good thing, it's almost all gone! Gotta love those types of snow.

5) I'm tired and need to go to bed. Did I tell you I'm tired of basketball? Oh yes....I did.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring is Near

Oh do I have Spring fever but so do all of the other ladies in blogland. Today our temperature was in the 60's, breezy and so beautiful. The ugly brown snow is almost melted, but we do have lots of puddles and mud. I can live with it because I have sights of these....

And my favorite flowers......

And I really can't wait until I can do this.......

Oh and grow some of these babies.....

Our weatherman said today that our temperature would be 77 degrees HIGHER than it was 2 weeks ago. Is that wacky or what? Two weeks ago it was a -.20 degrees. Oh how I will take 60, along with some tulips, tomatoes and a little clean laundry.

What has the temperature been where you live?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Hope you have a "lovely" Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Movie Star

Look who is famous (click on link below):

Lazyness everywhere

The life of a cat created, designed and defined the word "Lazy".

I sure wish I had the cares of a cat. Hmmmm, where will I perch today? Somewhere high (away from canine). And under the lovely pictures of NaNa and PaPa.

No, I think I like my window sill better. In the early afternoon the sun streams in and warms my body. The body that is too large to fit completely on this perch. I must extend my arms because I can't fit.

Yup, need just a little more room. Glad these curtains are here so they can hold me up.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Happy Ending

Tonight we were driving to a local restaurant to grab a bite to eat and we were blessed to meet someone tiny but sweet. I was driving along, yakking to Colin and all of a sudden he yelled "There's a dog in the road!". I slam on my breaks, car slides because it's pure ice and we luckily miss this sweet little miss. Colin jumped out to see if she had a collar on and unfortunately she didn't.

Here we both were, standing in the middle of the road, not certain as to what to do. It was freezing cold and she was shivering so much she shook all of Colin. I told him to get inside, we would drive around and hopefully her owners would be outside looking for her.

We drove all over our neighborhood and no one was outside. Oh yes, I forgot one piece, Romeo was in the car with us. He saw her, not sure she saw him or she didn't care because Colin was holding her so tight. I had to shove him back to the backseat many times and he finally settled down and enjoyed our drive. After about 45 minutes and going to a few doors, I gave up. I was afraid someone had dumped her.

I called our local pound and since they were closed their answering machine told me to call the Sheriff's office. I called them and the lady answering the phone said someone called in two hours earlier reporting their missing dog. I gave her my name and number and told her to give it to the owner so we could meet up. A few minutes later my phone rings and I could hear the panic in the Mama's voice. She said "Do you have my Mimi?". I said "Oh I think I do.". I gave her my address and a few minutes later they pull into our driveway. Mimi was very happy to see her Mama. She gave us a big hug and thanked us for finding her baby. From where we picked her up, she wandered off about 3 blocks. She only weighed 4 pounds so that was far for a tiny puppy. Mimi is now home and we have A Happy Ending.

I sure didn't want this sweet face to be lost forever.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jalapeno Poppers

Here's the Line-Up:

18 Jalapeno Peppers
8 oz cream cheese softened
1/2 C grated cheddar cheese
1 green onion, sliced
18 slices thin bacon cut into halves
Bottled barbecue sauce
Rubber Gloves

At the scrimmage line pass the rubber glove to your tight end to block the jalapeno peppers. Those peppers can sure pack a punch.

Once you've sacked all the jalapeno peppers, go for the field goal.

On the Chop Block halve the bacon.

Forward Pass the cream cheese, cheddar cheese and sliced green onions into a bowl and stir until you have the Hail Mary. Sweep the bacon around the popper and tackle it with a toothpick.

Huddle up the cream cheese mixture into the jalapeno peppers. Brush or Blitz them with barbecue sauce. At halftime, stick these bad boys in a 275 degree end zone and bake for 1 hour. Scramble to eat them before the play clock runs out and you get a penalty.
These are definitely a Heisman Trophy!
(Please be aware I know nothing about football so my gratitude goes out to THIS website.)
Are you ready for some football? Or just food and commercials? Or maybe a little Martha Stewart like my Sissy? I'm ready!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's the sort of day you stay inside for

Happy Saturday! Believe it or not, we are getting more snow. Oh joy. I guess 3-4" is in the forecast and it started snowing at 5:20am and it still going strong. You may ask, why in the world were you up at 5:20am on a Saturday? It's my internal alarm clock. It won't take snooze. And my crazy cat decided to sharpen his claws on my mattress so that got me fired up.

Since I was awake, Romeo was up too. He got pretty excited with the falling snow and leaped around like a kangaroo. I swear he is part kid.

Run like the wind bullseye!

By 6:30am I was scrapbooking. I find I am most creative in the morning. I guess a fresh mind will do that. Have you heard about Project Life by Becky Higgins? She created a scrapbook album to help scrapbookers document life in a very easy and organized way. The album comes with pages, journaling cards in different shapes and sizes and some other fun items. My scrapbookin buddy told me about it and then gave me her album because she didn't think she would use it. I started working on it a couple weekends ago and love the idea.

The pages have 8 little pockets, 4 to hold 4x6 photos and 4 down the middle to hold small journaling cards. It's a fast way to get caught up or stay caught up on your album. You can stick to just their journaling cards or add some of your paper. It's totally up to you. Above is the first page of my album for 2010.

I try to keep little notes, calendar pages or anything to help me remember a fun day or special event. They tuck in nicely to the pages.

I already had some basketball pages done with 12x12 paper so I just added them. It's my album, I can do what I want. :)

Big event for us last year, the addition of Romeo. I used my own scrapbook paper and typed up the journaling because I had a lot to say about our new family member.

Here are two pages I did this morning. I had two old 8x10 pictures of Dad when he was 10 years old playing baseball. I wanted to incorporate them into my album so Colin would see what his PaPa looked like playing baseball. It's all about family. The red chipboard arrow is pointing to PaPa.

Another picture of PaPa and his baseball buddies at the circus. It's kind of hard to see, but the little brown chipboard arrow is pointing to PaPa again.

In three weekends I have done 6 months worth of pictures. Of course I didn't scrap every picture I took, I really narrowed it down to my favorites but tried to capture as many days as possible. I love the album concept and will keep moving ahead. I set a goal to get caught up with scrapbooking this year and I actually think with this album, I can do it. Well, I will need to buy more albums, but I hope to get it done.

The sun is up but the snow is covering most of it up. Romeo is staying by my side like a good Velcro Aussie should. It's just me, him and the 2 furballs this weekend. My little buddy is with his Dad. I have lots of cooking to do today to get ready for the big Super Bowl party. And I have a feeling someone will want to play in the snow some more.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Let The GAME Begin!

How many of you out there know this Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday? I do only because I keep asking my Dad. I do not however know who is playing in the game. Frankly, I could care less. To me the game is all about the food and maybe some commercials. And if I'm not busy with other more interesting things, I might watch the half-time show. But if I miss it, I won't lose any sleep over it.

So....on to the menu. I've been planning this for a few weeks now (see I told you it's about the food, kind of like Thanksgiving).
1. Jalapeno Poppers: Pioneer Woman shown here. In her cookbook the recipe is a little different so I'm going with it. She adds green onion and cheese to the cream cheese and then brushes a bit of barbecue after wrapping them in bacon. Dad and I love spicy things so this is why I'm going for something warm.
2. Chips and Salsa: Pioneer Woman shown here. (I like her food) I'm always trying to find a good homemade salsa recipe. I have one that Colin loves that isn't very warm. I like a little heat and this has it. Yum. I really could just live on chips and salsa.
3. Philly Steak Sandwiches: Rachel Ray shown here. I guess we need some meat. Oh wait, there is bacon on the poppers. Well, Mom and Colin need something less spicy. OK, we'll go with these sandwiches.
4. Smores Brownies: Food Network shown here. Colin picked this one. I'm not a big marshmallow fan. I would rather eat bacon and salsa. :)
That's it so far, but I know Mom has some ideas up her sleeve as well. Remember our party last year? We'll see if we can out-do that menu. Game on!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We survived

The storm has come and gone (well almost). We were hit hard with ice and only a bit of snow. Those farther North of us had LOTS of snow. Yesterday I came home from work early because of the bad weather but before I could snuggle into my warm home I had to drive around town to take a few pictures.

We already had trees down because of the ice. Surprisingly enough, I think our whole town maintained power so that was an extreme blessing.

There was so much ice I'm not even sure the snow plows were out. The roads were so rough to drive on because of the build-up.

Our power lines, dripping with icicles.

Crunchy grass.

As the evening progressed the power surges happened constantly. It wouldn't flicker, it would surge. The sky was also lit up with lightening. It was the most bizarre thing I've ever seen.
Colin was prepared for a power outage. He had every flashlight we owned (which is a lot since there is a boy in the house) stashed in his vest. You can't see his vest because of his black jacket but there are a ton of little mesh pockets. It's really a Nerf vest but he had other uses for it.

Praise the Lord we woke up and still had our power. I did pray a lot through this storm. It never hurts. For the first time in the 21 years with my employer they are closed today. That shows how bad it still is outside. Now we have really strong winds so all of that messy stuff is blowing all over.
As I said earlier, it's a good time to hunker down.

And Tiger made sure to do just that. He can always find a warm place to sleep.

And when his Mother turns on the light to take his picture, it blinds him.

Later in the evening he decided to join the family, however he is still comfortable on his perch.

And this big guy isn't really thrilled when it's time to go potty. A few times he walked outside and turned around to come right back inside. Gotta love a dog that is used to the indoors.

He is such a cutie.

And he loves to play with his Colin....butt in the air.

That's it for our weather forecast and highlight. I'm sure the rest of you are snow bound as well. In a few days our country will dig out of this and life will carry on. Until then, I think I'll bake some cookies to keep us warm both inside and out.