Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Happy Ending

Tonight we were driving to a local restaurant to grab a bite to eat and we were blessed to meet someone tiny but sweet. I was driving along, yakking to Colin and all of a sudden he yelled "There's a dog in the road!". I slam on my breaks, car slides because it's pure ice and we luckily miss this sweet little miss. Colin jumped out to see if she had a collar on and unfortunately she didn't.

Here we both were, standing in the middle of the road, not certain as to what to do. It was freezing cold and she was shivering so much she shook all of Colin. I told him to get inside, we would drive around and hopefully her owners would be outside looking for her.

We drove all over our neighborhood and no one was outside. Oh yes, I forgot one piece, Romeo was in the car with us. He saw her, not sure she saw him or she didn't care because Colin was holding her so tight. I had to shove him back to the backseat many times and he finally settled down and enjoyed our drive. After about 45 minutes and going to a few doors, I gave up. I was afraid someone had dumped her.

I called our local pound and since they were closed their answering machine told me to call the Sheriff's office. I called them and the lady answering the phone said someone called in two hours earlier reporting their missing dog. I gave her my name and number and told her to give it to the owner so we could meet up. A few minutes later my phone rings and I could hear the panic in the Mama's voice. She said "Do you have my Mimi?". I said "Oh I think I do.". I gave her my address and a few minutes later they pull into our driveway. Mimi was very happy to see her Mama. She gave us a big hug and thanked us for finding her baby. From where we picked her up, she wandered off about 3 blocks. She only weighed 4 pounds so that was far for a tiny puppy. Mimi is now home and we have A Happy Ending.

I sure didn't want this sweet face to be lost forever.


  1. Oh...I would have loved to of found her!! Except it would have been hard to let her go. She sure is a cutie patootie. And, she lives up to her name. Mimi is a very good name, isn't it? :)

  2. She sure is a sweetie.I bet her mama was frantic. It is so Cold out doors. She may not have made it tru the night. Great Job!!!