Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's the sort of day you stay inside for

Happy Saturday! Believe it or not, we are getting more snow. Oh joy. I guess 3-4" is in the forecast and it started snowing at 5:20am and it still going strong. You may ask, why in the world were you up at 5:20am on a Saturday? It's my internal alarm clock. It won't take snooze. And my crazy cat decided to sharpen his claws on my mattress so that got me fired up.

Since I was awake, Romeo was up too. He got pretty excited with the falling snow and leaped around like a kangaroo. I swear he is part kid.

Run like the wind bullseye!

By 6:30am I was scrapbooking. I find I am most creative in the morning. I guess a fresh mind will do that. Have you heard about Project Life by Becky Higgins? She created a scrapbook album to help scrapbookers document life in a very easy and organized way. The album comes with pages, journaling cards in different shapes and sizes and some other fun items. My scrapbookin buddy told me about it and then gave me her album because she didn't think she would use it. I started working on it a couple weekends ago and love the idea.

The pages have 8 little pockets, 4 to hold 4x6 photos and 4 down the middle to hold small journaling cards. It's a fast way to get caught up or stay caught up on your album. You can stick to just their journaling cards or add some of your paper. It's totally up to you. Above is the first page of my album for 2010.

I try to keep little notes, calendar pages or anything to help me remember a fun day or special event. They tuck in nicely to the pages.

I already had some basketball pages done with 12x12 paper so I just added them. It's my album, I can do what I want. :)

Big event for us last year, the addition of Romeo. I used my own scrapbook paper and typed up the journaling because I had a lot to say about our new family member.

Here are two pages I did this morning. I had two old 8x10 pictures of Dad when he was 10 years old playing baseball. I wanted to incorporate them into my album so Colin would see what his PaPa looked like playing baseball. It's all about family. The red chipboard arrow is pointing to PaPa.

Another picture of PaPa and his baseball buddies at the circus. It's kind of hard to see, but the little brown chipboard arrow is pointing to PaPa again.

In three weekends I have done 6 months worth of pictures. Of course I didn't scrap every picture I took, I really narrowed it down to my favorites but tried to capture as many days as possible. I love the album concept and will keep moving ahead. I set a goal to get caught up with scrapbooking this year and I actually think with this album, I can do it. Well, I will need to buy more albums, but I hope to get it done.

The sun is up but the snow is covering most of it up. Romeo is staying by my side like a good Velcro Aussie should. It's just me, him and the 2 furballs this weekend. My little buddy is with his Dad. I have lots of cooking to do today to get ready for the big Super Bowl party. And I have a feeling someone will want to play in the snow some more.


  1. So many things to write about....first....I love your doggie, my furry nephew, in the snow! He looks like a wolf in the bullseye one! I miss him. Secondly, that scrapbook is so stinking AWESOME!! I think that just might be something I could tackle. Hummmmm.... Thirdly, I wish I was with you today making food for the par-tay. Enjoy your time with your furry kids just being you and playing. Recharge your batteries my most wonderful sister. I love you! XOXOXO

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