Thursday, February 3, 2011

Let The GAME Begin!

How many of you out there know this Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday? I do only because I keep asking my Dad. I do not however know who is playing in the game. Frankly, I could care less. To me the game is all about the food and maybe some commercials. And if I'm not busy with other more interesting things, I might watch the half-time show. But if I miss it, I won't lose any sleep over it.

So....on to the menu. I've been planning this for a few weeks now (see I told you it's about the food, kind of like Thanksgiving).
1. Jalapeno Poppers: Pioneer Woman shown here. In her cookbook the recipe is a little different so I'm going with it. She adds green onion and cheese to the cream cheese and then brushes a bit of barbecue after wrapping them in bacon. Dad and I love spicy things so this is why I'm going for something warm.
2. Chips and Salsa: Pioneer Woman shown here. (I like her food) I'm always trying to find a good homemade salsa recipe. I have one that Colin loves that isn't very warm. I like a little heat and this has it. Yum. I really could just live on chips and salsa.
3. Philly Steak Sandwiches: Rachel Ray shown here. I guess we need some meat. Oh wait, there is bacon on the poppers. Well, Mom and Colin need something less spicy. OK, we'll go with these sandwiches.
4. Smores Brownies: Food Network shown here. Colin picked this one. I'm not a big marshmallow fan. I would rather eat bacon and salsa. :)
That's it so far, but I know Mom has some ideas up her sleeve as well. Remember our party last year? We'll see if we can out-do that menu. Game on!


  1. Great so far and YES we will out do last year!!! I have yet to decide the menue I will be adding to the list....we will have to wait and see. have to get my list ready to send Curt shopping. Good night my little Chef!!!

  2. Have fun at your food and commercial party. There will be no men at my house for the big game. Hubby is traveling. Maybe Martha and I can hook up and make a lampshade or something instead. ;) Your menu looks delish! XOXO