Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We survived

The storm has come and gone (well almost). We were hit hard with ice and only a bit of snow. Those farther North of us had LOTS of snow. Yesterday I came home from work early because of the bad weather but before I could snuggle into my warm home I had to drive around town to take a few pictures.

We already had trees down because of the ice. Surprisingly enough, I think our whole town maintained power so that was an extreme blessing.

There was so much ice I'm not even sure the snow plows were out. The roads were so rough to drive on because of the build-up.

Our power lines, dripping with icicles.

Crunchy grass.

As the evening progressed the power surges happened constantly. It wouldn't flicker, it would surge. The sky was also lit up with lightening. It was the most bizarre thing I've ever seen.
Colin was prepared for a power outage. He had every flashlight we owned (which is a lot since there is a boy in the house) stashed in his vest. You can't see his vest because of his black jacket but there are a ton of little mesh pockets. It's really a Nerf vest but he had other uses for it.

Praise the Lord we woke up and still had our power. I did pray a lot through this storm. It never hurts. For the first time in the 21 years with my employer they are closed today. That shows how bad it still is outside. Now we have really strong winds so all of that messy stuff is blowing all over.
As I said earlier, it's a good time to hunker down.

And Tiger made sure to do just that. He can always find a warm place to sleep.

And when his Mother turns on the light to take his picture, it blinds him.

Later in the evening he decided to join the family, however he is still comfortable on his perch.

And this big guy isn't really thrilled when it's time to go potty. A few times he walked outside and turned around to come right back inside. Gotta love a dog that is used to the indoors.

He is such a cutie.

And he loves to play with his Colin....butt in the air.

That's it for our weather forecast and highlight. I'm sure the rest of you are snow bound as well. In a few days our country will dig out of this and life will carry on. Until then, I think I'll bake some cookies to keep us warm both inside and out.

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