Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hoops for Heart

Colin's school is participating in the American Heart Association Hoops for Heart Program. He was so excited yesterday to come home from school to have me help him create his homepage and e-mail all family members asking for donations. We even added a little picture of him and Romeo (of course). Here is his link:

He asked me to get him up early today so we could go to the coffee shop to see Papa and the "more knowledgeable" friends of Papa's that hang out every morning. When we walked in the coffee shop all of the men started hollering "There's that basketball star!". Colin smiled from ear to ear. He told them all why he was there and asked if any of them wanted to donate. Before we knew it, money was flying everywhere. He just looked up at me with wide eyes and scrapped up all the donations. He set a personal goal of $100.00 last night and he is $7.00 short as of tonight (not all of his donations how on-line). Not bad for 24 hours. The fundraiser goes a full 2 weeks so maybe we need to increase the goal!

I'm proud of him for being so excited to participate in a program that helps children who are ill. We are blessed to have healthy hearts so it's only fair we spread the love to others not so lucky.

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