Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Have you seen the fairly new Flea Market Style magazine that hit the stands last year? I didn't pick up their first issue but today while visiting the grocery store on my lunch hour I spotted the 2nd issue.

Sometimes when I forget to pack my lunch for work I run down to a local grocery store and grab a salad. They have a salad bar that you pay by the ounce and they always have lots of yummy toppings (beets). So I get my salad, bottle of water and spot the magazine while checking out so I decided to buy it too so I can look at it over my lunch hour.

The nice lady rings me up and says "That will be $17.52 please". I look at her, look down at my salad and think to myself "Dang, I know I got a lot of lettuce but holy cow!". I forgot I grabbed the magazine too. :) It was $10.00, not a cheap magazine but so far, ohhhhh so worth it. I guess the lettuce was cheaper in the end.

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