Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Present for ME!

I was in Target the other day and saw the most adorable picture. I called my Sissy right away to tell her about it because I knew she would love it. She kept telling me if I liked it so much to go back and get it. So today....I did. I already have it hanging in my craft room.

My Sissy sent me a new blog to look at with all kinds of cute ideas. I scraplifted a tag she made because I love butterflies. I like hers better than mine, but I'm still happy with it. The blog is called Bursts of Creativity. Check it out!
I caught Colin's cold and now I feel crummy. Need to go to bed early but that is no fun. :)


  1. Now go get that Mini Cooper you have wanted. :)

  2. I love how the tag turned out! And is that picture really from target??? Because if so I need to go there and get one NOW!!