Friday, April 22, 2011

Birthdays and Baseball

Remember my Dad's Birthday on Tuesday?  I think he had a pretty nice one, but it did get shortened a tad early.  After eating a yummy steak dinner we opened presents.  Since my Sissy and her family couldn't come home, we Skyped her while he opened his presents so they could watch.

After presents it was time for dessert.  Dad LOVES Strawberry Shortcake so that is his birthday cake each year.  But this year we had to rush through dessert.  See the Midwest was hit pretty hard with severe storms on April 19th.  Right before we dished up dessert they announced our county was now in a Tornado Warning state.  I wanted to get home to get my car in the garage (fear of hail) and Colin wanted to be with the kitties if a storm hit.

So I shoved a candle in Dad's shortcake, said SMILE, and we bolted out the door.  Before we could get home the tornado sirens were going off.  Not fun.  All turned out well though, only some high winds but nothing like other communities experienced.  We didn't have any damage.  I did however learn that Romeo can fit in our crawl space and he was a good boy and followed us under the house.  :)

And what would Spring be without the start of Baseball season?  Colin had his first game this week.  It was a memorable one none-the-less.  We arrived at the field and it started raining.  And it rained the entire game.  Finally at the bottom of the 6th inning, they called it for rain.  The boys were already soaked and frozen. It was about 35 degrees. why women do not coach.  We would never let our boys play in rain.

Colin forgot which sport he was playing here.

Bowing for the camera.

Being a goof-ball again.

And finally another serious pose.  My guy, getting way to big and I don't like it.  But I'll enjoy every minute I have.  Hope you have stayed safe wherever you are in this big world.  More storms are coming tonight.  It's gonna be a long Spring.  I think I'll re-decorate my crawl space.

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