Sunday, April 10, 2011



Bunny........we'll sort of.  But chick doesn't go with my B's.

This chick/bunny reminds of the movie "HOP" that we saw last night.  Colin has been wanting to see the movie since it came out so last night we decided to go.  He loves to go into our "big city" in the evening instead of during the day.  Years ago we were shopping into the later evening and he has just never forgotten it.  I guess he learned early what a date feels like.  A man is already in the body of my 12 year old boy. :)  He'll make a great guy to date when he grows up.  But for now, he gets to be my Saturday night date.

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  1. Glad your movie was good. I wondered what movie he picked for you both. In my life B stands for BLECK for blackberries. They get stuck in my teeth! That is BAD!!!! hee hee