Friday, April 1, 2011

Getting Ready

My kitchen table is a bit full right now. As I mentioned on my Really Big Show post, I'm getting ready for a craft show taking place tomorrow. I have everything bundled up just waiting to get packed up. Got some fun things like my new vintage camera I recently bought while visiting my Sissy in Michigan. What is a scrapbooker without a vintage camera? She is coming to the show with me. So is that little cake pedestal. I made something new for my show....cupcake toppers. You can't really see the one in the picture above but it will go into the cupcakes I bought for a cute display. Got my suitcase packed too. Full of sweetness.

And just a few things I made.

My little buddy is with his Dad this weekend. It's 7:17pm and I'm tired of making things. I've been hard at it for weeks and I'm in the attitude of "it's good enough". I'm ready to watch a chick-flick and eat some popcorn with my dog-dog. Romeo likes popcorn too. :)

This fellar, not so much.

Happy Friday!!

1 comment:

  1. It all looks wonderful!! I will take one of each!! :) Good luck! Take pictures so I can see how you set up your things. :)
    Love you bebe sissy!