Thursday, April 7, 2011


Romeo went to the beauty shop this weekend to get bathed and trimmed.  He always does very well, but I know it really wears him out.  So after we picked him up I thought it was only fair to get him a treat for being such a good-boy. We went to a animal pet store that allows pets to come inside.  He was in Heaven.  Lot's of things to smell and even better.........lots of chew toys to pick from.  It was kind of like a buffet for dogs.

He walked up and down the isle and finally selected (himself) this big raw-hide piece.  It sort of looks like a big tortilla shell. He picked it up and walked away.  After paying for our item, we headed home.  Once home, safe in the confides of his home, he was able to enjoy his treat.  Until.......................................

someone else thought she might like a taste.

Being the nice doggy that he is, he allowed Calleigh to sniff (while quietly guarding the raw-hide) and finally, she left him alone.

And then it was time to devour the treat!

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  1. That is some treat Romeo!! You handsome boy!!