Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Easter

I'm only 6 days late, but I thought I would share our Easter with you.  The day before Easter Colin and I colored Easter Eggs.  Well, he colored, I took pictures.  Even at 12 years of age he loves to color eggs.

Calleigh wanted to get in on the festivities and see what we were doing so she sat on my lap.

The finished product!  Lovely.

After all of the cooking was done it was time for bed.  Funny how kids are so willing to go to bed on Christmas Eve and Easter Eve.  Before Colin went to bed he asked me "How early can I get up tomorrow?". I had to laugh.  I told him not before 6:30 am!

Once he went to bed and was snuggled in I took some pictures before the Easter Bunny came.  I knew I better get myself to bed too or he wouldn't come.

At 6:00am, I heard Colin awake.  But he stayed in bed until 6:40am and finally came to my room to get me up.  I had to start the coffee before he could come into the family room.  Once I gave him the green light the hunt was on.

The EB hid eggs everywhere!

Tiger was supervising the situation.

Romeo just rolled around snorting and sniffing.  His normal morning ritual.

Sweet picture of my buddy.  Notice his braces??  I haven't told you about them yet.  He has had them on for almost a month now.  Makes him look even more grown up.

My sister has a favorite saying when there is pure chaos going on.  She calls it a "goat rodeo".  We often have a goat rodeo going on in our house with 3 animals and 2 humans, one being a 12 year old.  Romeo wants to play all the time, sometimes the cats will play with him.  I think here Tiger just wanted to know why Romeo had his butt in the air.

Romeo assuming there is food in there so he held his most handsome stance, begging for anything.  Tiger on the other hand, is just finding a perch on the back of the couch.

Romeo sniffing the goods.

"Hey kid, do you know there is candy back here?  Can I have some?"

Tiger decided to nestle in Colin's Easter Basket.  His large fanny barely fit.  As I said, goat rodeo even on Easter Sunday.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday!!

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