Monday, April 18, 2011

Sophie Girl

My Sissy and her family just lost their Sophie Girl.  She was the sweetest little girl.  Over the past 13 years she not only provided lots of love to all of us, she provided lots of laughs.  During one of our visits to see them in MI Sophie stole some of Romeo's treats.  We didn't know she was doing it, we just knew the brand new package was empty.  I assumed it was Romeo stealing them while we were not looking, however before she ate the last one she walked into the kitchen....and got busted.

She was a lap dog for sure.  Whoever sat in their recliner, was required to lend their lap to her.  Including PaPa!

She had this cute little over-bite.

And she loved to stick her head out the window on drives.

Not so sure she enjoyed this, but her MaMa and I got a good laugh on the 4th of July with her.

Oh Sophie, we love you very much!


  1. Oh our baby!! Waaahhhhhhhhh!!!! We miss her so very much. She was a very good doggie and we will love her forever. Thank you for loving her to and remembering her with such good pictures.

  2. We will sure miss that fuzzy face. Thanks for posting this collage of her!!