Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Surprise Basketball Room

This weekend Colin was at his Dad's house and I was a little busy in his room.  We have been wanting to re-decorate for some time now so I decided to surprise him and paint his room while he was gone.  I started prepping Friday night after work, painted all day Saturday and today I put it together before he came home.

The result.......


I think it turned out pretty COOL.  It's very grown up, "teenagerish" for sure.  He wanted a basketball theme so after I found the bedding we built it from there.  He picked out a few things to go in it but didn't know it was coming together while he was gone.

When he walked in he was very excited and loved his new pad.  PaPa had to come over to help me hang up his basketball hoop and ever since it went up, he has been playing ball.

And Romeo too.

We bought a few "keep out" signs to hang on his door.  These signs pertain to everyone, except me. :)

And there you have it.  A basketball room that belongs to a 12 year old!

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  1. Oh it looks awesome!! I sure hope those signs don't pertain to a certain favorite auntie either. Just sayin! :)