Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Breakfast of Champions

Colin was very specific on the Eve of Mother's Day that HE wanted to make me breakfast in the morning.  I was to stay in bed until he got up.  (Gotta love that thinking)  I got up about 2 hours before he did but I enjoyed my coffee and didn't eat a bite.

When he got up he asked me what I wanted to eat as he peered into the freezer.  Options:  Pancakes or French Toast Sticks.  I opted for French Toast Sticks.  He "baked" them for me and plated them up.  He wanted to warm the syrup but that required a bit too much effort.  So I got the pretty bottle. 

Breakfast was very yummy, but it always is when you have someone else cook it for you (or nuke it).  He even cleaned up the dishes.  Such a good man.

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