Saturday, May 14, 2011

Printing Photos

Where do you get your photo's printed?  Do you stay local and go to Wal-mart or Walgreens or do you use an on-line shop?  I have always used Sam's but I am way behind in getting pictures printed so I wanted to find a place cheaper than Sams.  I found Clark Color Labs on-line and their photos cost .08 cents to print and they had 40 prints for free and if you spend $10.00 the shipping was free. 

I ordered 207- 4x6 prints and 1- 8x10 and the price was $13.67.  I think that's a steal!  My e-mail confirmation said once they are printed I will have them in 3-4 days.  I guess we'll see how well things turn out but I hope so because I would love to use them again at those prices.  Their price was cheaper than Snapfish and Shutterfly and even Sam's!

I had half of 2010 photos to get printed but now they are done.  Next will be 2011.  I decided to not get every picture printed because I don't scrapbook every picture.  I have been reading an article on Ali Edward's blog about scrapbooking and preserving your pictures.  I decided digital pictures are just as good as printed so I won't get everything printed as I have in the past.  Not to mention I must store them all and they only end up in a shoe box so what's the point?  I printed only those I wanted to scrap.  Ugh...... 207 pictures are coming that need scrapbooked.

I better get busy and stop blogging.  I still have 2009 I must finish scrapbooking in my Project Life album.  Still love the album and the shortcuts it has to offer.  Here are a few pictures from my album. 

One thing I really love about this album is you can change it up and do whatever you want.  Since it is just a 12x12 album with 3 rings, you can add other page protectors if you want.  I had 2 old photos of Dad playing baseball that I wanted to incorporate into Colin's albums so I just scrapped a 12x12 page.  Nothing is right or wrong with this album.  It can be whatever you want it to be.

I'm burning the daylight hours so I better start scrappin'.  I'm so happy to have my 207 photos printed, but I'm so sad to have my 207 photos printed. :)


  1. I have used Clark for photos and they were fine and the price is the best!

  2. Still love those albums. Still wondering if I could do one. Hummmmmmm.....