Monday, June 13, 2011

Bird Killer

I didn't mean to do it.  The darn thing was standing on the highway and didn't move fast enough.  This poor thing lost its life tonight and his fate was my Rav4.

And to make matters worst his foot got stuck in my grill and hung onto my car the whole way home from work.  It's a 30 minute commute!  And when I hit 55mph, he was flapping up in the wind and I could see him over the hood of my car.  Flapping!  His poor little head wobbling.  I just kept praying, Lord....if he isn't dead please take him now.  I can't stand this.

So I did what every single Mom does, I drove straight to my Dad's house went inside and said "Take care of it for me!".  He said "What will you do when I'm dead and gone?"  I said "I don't know, but that ain't today!".  So, he put on some gloves and yanked pulled him off my grill.  In fact, he did it ever so gently his leg came off.  I couldn't stand to watch it any longer so I closed the door.

Sorry birdie.

1 comment:

  1. Oh dear!!!! That is awful!! A flapping birdie on your bumper is sooo not good. It is so nice to have a daddy that is our hero, isn't it? :)