Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gardening....full speed ahead!

So far the garden is lookin' good!  But it usually does until about 1 month into it, but I still have high hopes that THIS YEAR it will be better.  I sound like a Cubs fan.....it runs in our family (thanks Dad).  Any-who, Colin and I hoed the garden tonight, sprayed some Organic food on it and now it's getting watered while the sun is down.  Per Dad, that is the best time to water.

In this years garden we have 18 different tomato plans (I think they make a pill for people that plant 18 tomato plants), 6 bell pepper plants, some zucchini, squash and cucumbers.  But the most important piece per Colin.......5 rows of carrots.  And after looking closely tonight, the little guys are peeking through the soil.  Funny how their tops already look like carrot tops even if they are only 1/8" inch above ground.  Colin is tending to his 5 rows with extra love.  Lord please send us some carrots, he is mending to them ever so dearly and he would be forever grateful.

I would love to show you some pictures but my camera disk has close to 4,000 pictures on it and my computer is having a hard time loading them.  I think they make a pill for someone that keeps 4,000 pictures on her camera too.  I better go take my pill.

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