Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Patio is open for the season

I have been working many-a-weekends getting our patio ready for summer and it's officially open.  The space is clean, weeds pulled, flowers planted, herbs are growing and way far yonder the garden is ready as well.

Colin and I have been spending most evenings outdoors playing with dog-dog until the mosquitoes come out.  It's so nice.  I keep thinking back to this winter and starring at my patio furniture from inside wishing it was warm.  Well, she's finally here.

My herbs are finally starting to grow and expand.  I need Mr. Basil to really hurry up because I could chop all of that down right now to make bruschetta.  But I will refrain.  In my extra big blue plantern I only plant basil.  I love it soooooo much I need a pot all to myself.  In the smaller green plantern I planted Italian Parsley, Oregano and Rosemary.  I have been successful on all of them so hopefully this year will be no exception.

If we have a free night we take dog-dog for a ride in the car.  Our pool just opened so we cruised around it and Romeo was very interested in all of the noise. 

So what have you been doing to get ready for summer?  What do you have growing in your planterns?  I'll give you an update on our garden once it starts growing.  I have high hopes for it again this year.  One of these years we just may get a bounty of produce.  I really need those tomatoes for my basil.  Yummmmm!

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