Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cubs Baseball

It's 7:05am and I just sent my Dad and Colin on their merry way to a Cub's Game.  For Father's Day we gave PaPa 2 Cub's tickets to a game taking place today.  Colin has never been to Wrigley Field and he was so excited to go.  I would have loved to go but I really wanted Colin to experience that ball stadium with his Grandpa.

Colin left with strict must eat a hot dog and peanuts.  There is nothing like a hot dog in Chicago and at a baseball game.  He said ok.

I had to get some silly pictures too of the day.  Colin wanted these shutter shade sunglasses really bad.  We looked while visiting my Sissy in Michigan but people said they were popular in previous years and they no longer carried them.  So we went to Ebay and of course found some.  The kicker, they were in Hong Kong.  But the best part, I only bid .99 cents, won them and shipping was free!  Can't beat that coming all the way from China.

Colin is a Cardinal fan but he still wanted a Cub's shirt to wear today.  Papa couldn't believe it when he saw it.  I'm sure he will never wear it again, but oh well.

And of course dog-dog had to get in on the excitement.  He's one cool dude too.  I can't wait to hear about Colin's first baseball game at Wrigley Field.  I'm sure he will talk about it for years to come.  Hope they win!

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