Sunday, July 17, 2011

Menu Board - DIY

Every time I go visit my Sissy we try to come up with a craft project to do together.  During my last visit to MI we had plans, however we ran out of time and couldn't get it completed.  I loved the idea and wanted to work on this so I brought the stuff home and completed it here.  We found the idea from this cute blog: Crate Paper Blog.

The craft is a message board made out of a cookie sheet.  The board could be used for anything.  We are using ours as a Menu board because Colin and I like to pretend we own our own restaurant.  :)  It's a fun craft to do and the ideas are endless.

I purchased the cookie sheet at Dollar General for $4.00.  Spray painted it red, took a few coats to get it well covered.  I really need to spray it with a sealant of some kind because the paint scratches of pretty easily. 

I had a couple mini-tartlets on hand, you can find them normally at Antique shops, but these actually came from RedLead (here).  I don't see them on their website, but I know I purchased them in person.  It's possible they still have them so if interested give the store a call.  I added a sticker to one tartlet and a vintage milk bottle cap in the other.

From here I just decorated her up!  I found scrapbook paper to go with the theme I was looking for.  I used October Afternoon's 5 & Dime series (my new favorite).  I wanted to add enough color, but keep some space clear for our weekly menu.  Doesn't the above picture resemble something else on my blog???  :)

One of the sheets of paper in the 5 & Dime pack resembled a chalk board with many restaurant menus and articles.  I cut out the ones I liked and taped them on.  I tried to go easy on the tape so if I want to change out the patters, I can.  (I can envision Christmas paper around November 30th)

In my stash I had these mini clothes pin with red hearts.  I think I got them at Michael's, but it's been awhile.  You can buy mini clothes pin's at most craft stores. You can bling them up with buttons, ribbon, glue a tiny strip of coordinating paper...........  I purchased extra strong mini magnets at our hardware store to glue on the backs of the clothes' pin and tartlet pans.  They are considered my magnets for the board.  The mini-magnets were more expensive being the "extra strong", but I hate when magnets slide down because they cannot hold much weight.  These little dudes will NOT do that.

And here is our weekly menu.  It's Sunday so we need to come up with our next week's menu.  Being a single parent that works full-time, it really helps me to plan the week so I know what's on the agenda the moment I walk in the door after a long day.  So if you are going to plan your meals, you might as well make it cute.  Right??!!

And one final, non-related picture......Dad and Colin at the Cub's game yesterday.  They both got a free cubs hat while walking into the game.  Cub's lost (go figure), but they still had a blast it sounded like. 

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  1. DRAT! Now that you put yours out there on the internet....and mentioned me in your post.....I better get kicking on mine! :) Yours is stinking cute! Good job sissy. xooxoxoxox