Sunday, July 3, 2011

More fun in Michigan

Here are a few other fun pictures from our visit to Michigan.

We love to eat at Red Robin, we do not have that restaurant in central Illinois.  Some cute pics of us sitting together.

We decided to visit a Zoo close to Aunt Shann's house and it ended up being really neat.  It was small but plenty big.  The kiddos wanted to ride the train, just like the old days.  It brought back lots of memories with Colin and all of the train rides we have been on.  Now they must look "cool" while riding the train.

The highlight of the zoo were the Giraffe's.  They had 4 of them and you could buy lettuce to feed them from a deck.  They were so beautiful, even the little babies.  They also had really long tongues.

I love this picture.  Look at the look on Colin's face.  :)

Hello cutie-pie.

Our last full day there Colin and I took a trip back to South Haven.  I just love the water so much, it brings such peace and relaxation.  We were there by 10:00am so the beach was pretty empty so we had it to ourselves.  I think Colin loves it too.

The lighthouse and pier.  Another love of this place.

That's it for this trip.  We are already making plans to go back this month.  Blueberries will be ready and I GOTTA have blueberries from MI!  :)

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