Monday, August 8, 2011


Remember my sweet friends from China?  Colin and I adopted them through our local University two years ago after they moved here to obtain their masters.  God's hands were involved with this friendship, no doubt about it.  How else could our paths cross....Beijing China.....small, super small little town in Illinois?

After obtaining their first master degree they decided to stay another year and obtain a 2nd master.  Wow. 

This past May they graduated and now they are looking for full-time employment.  They have been searching larger cities like Chicago for a couple months but nothing has turned up.  So they decided to move to New York.  New York City!!  This is just too much for my brain to comprehend.  Two young adults, come to the US to obtain an education, speak broken English, get a double master and move to NY.  Is that not the definition of courage? 

I don't know what the future holds for these two special people.  I do know if they cannot find employment they will need to return to China.  I don't know that we would ever be able to see them again and that makes me sad.  I do not have the courage that they do.  I would be scared to death to visit another country where I cannot speak their language.  Beijing is a very large city so just that piece is intimidating.  Both of them have already asked us to visit them someday.

Who knows what God has planned for our friendship.  For now, we will enjoy our long distance from IL to NY.  Before they flew off to NY we spent a Sunday afternoon together having a picnic.  I wanted them to enjoy some quiet time before rushing off to the big city.  It was a perfect day with my long distance friends.

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