Friday, August 19, 2011

Day #1 in Michigan

Get ready for lots of MI pictures.  Besides visiting my Sissy and family this trip, we decided to visit a new beach so I have even MORE pictures than I normally do.  I know, hard to imagine, but bear with me.  We arrived at my Sister's Thursday evening with just enough time to plan our Friday and eat popcorn.  We decided to drive to Grand Haven to experience something new.  Everyone fell in love with this sweet community.  I think I have yet another place I want to move to.

We walked around down-town first to do some shopping, ate lunch and just browsed the stores.

This Italian store was a favorite.  They had really neat kitchen items, cookbooks, baking, gelato ice cream, sweet Italian chocolates....yum, yum and more yum.  But we only looked, we did not sample.

All of the stores had really neat vintage like beach signs.  I loved them all.  If I ever get to live in a beach community my family room will be decorated in a beach theme.  With a picture like this!

Colin on the other hand wants to decorate his room with one of these.  He wanted a surf board so bad and I was going to buy him one until he told me about the $95.00 price tag.  Sorry dude.

Romeo was the only one that got a present from Grand Haven.  There were 2 Doggy stores with lots of toys, treats and even some pampering bath supplies.  Can't you see Romeo dressed up like this?  :)

After shopping we had to head to the beach.  The kids wanted to walk down the pier to the light house.  There were actually 2 light houses, or maybe one with a fog house.  Not really sure how it all works.

The water was very, very rough this day but people were still swimming. 

Or soaring through the air on their jet skis.

Family photo.

We got splashed a few times with the waves.

After our walk around the beach it was time for ice cream.  Colin loves his blue moon.

I love the lake at dusk when the sun is making the water shine like diamonds.  Love the sparkle.  What am I saying, I just love the water.

One last funny.  I bought Romeo a treat bag called a Yappy Meal.  It had a cheeseburger (rawhide treat) with french fries (dog snack) and a toy (stuffed green apple).  He loved it, french fries and all.

More MI pictures to come tomorrow!

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  1. That's it! We are moving to Grand Haven! ;)