Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day #2 and #3 in Michigan

Back to my Michigan story.  On Saturday we woke up knowing rain was coming.  I wanted to pick blueberries while I was there because I like to freeze them for the winter.  So we headed out to Paw Paw to a patch but the rain clouds were coming too.

Everyone grabbed a bucket and headed to the patch.  Unfortunately the big blueberries had already been picked so it took longer to fill your bucket.  In the distance the thunder was getting closer and closer and the darn mosquitoes were eating us alive.  Between 5 of us we picked 3 pounds and called it quits.  Luckily they had fresh picked boxes of blueberries you could buy so I bought the other 10 pounds.  They are SO cheap in MI, nothing like the tiny little boxes at our grocery stores.

We headed out and the rain shower quickly approached, but it didn't slow us down.  We hit a very neat Antique shop and I found lots of goodies for my new red kitchen.

After some more shopping we headed home to rest.  All of us were ready to stay home and be the cat (Simon).

Sunday morning it was time to head home.  We always hate leaving, but if we must leave we take our time and make some stops along the way.  We stopped first at a fruit stand to get Mom and Dad some more fruit. The peaches were fabulous too (tell me again why I live in IL??  on yes.....we have corn and soybeans).  After that we headed to St. Joe Michigan.  This little town is just darling, I want to live there too.

We saw this small park on our way to down town that looked out over the lake so Colin quickly told me to stop. We got out with Romeo to admire the beautiful views.

I really think Colin loves the water as much as I do.  Romeo could tell we were excited so he just went along with the show.

We all jumped back in the car and headed to downtown.  From the bluff at that mini park we could see the pier and lighthouse so we wanted to head that way.  Windows down Romeo really loved the drive.

The water was really rough today so the pier was closed.  If you look at this picture we took you can see why.  I think St. Joe's lighthouse is my favorite of all I've seen in MI so far.  I know there are more I have not seen and hopefully I'll get to see more of them.  But even if I can't, I will keep going back to the towns I love.

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  1. That's it! We are moving to St Joe! ;)