Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Item #6 on the Summer To-do List

Summer break is about over and we still have things to accomplish from our To-Do list.  However, we accomplished item #6 last night.  It was get...............

Our public pool sells Snow Cones in their concession stand.  I grew up eating out of this concession stand, but I don't remember eating snow cones so much.  I believe they had them (right Sissy?), I remember eating Popcorn all of the time.  I was already water logged from swimming so a snow cone never really appealed to me.  I digressed, back to the story.

They had many, many flavors.  I went with the Strawberry Margarita, Colin had the Wild Thing.  Both were very yummy. 

After our sugar buzz we walked around the pool.  It looked so calm and peaceful.  The smell of chlorine filled the air.  Actually made me want to go swimming, but it passed quickly.

Romeo was on a different high with all of the dog smells.  He didn't know which way to run.  We tried to stop for a couple pictures but Romeo really didn't want to do that so Colin had to force a look at the camera.

This is what you get when you force a dog to look at the camera.  A little freaky wouldn't you say?  Colin thinks he looks like the Joker from Batman.  Click on the picture to get a good gander of that look.

Neat tree.

Running on the tennis courts.  You know, tennis courts is where every dog needs to be.

And the cutest picture of them all, my 12 year old buddy.  He is so grown up.  Makes me wish I had a magic wand I could wave to stop time.  Since I can't, I'll just try and capture him as much as I can.

I don't want Summer to come to an end.  I am never ready for Fall because I don't want the poo-poo Winter that comes after that.  But it seems as though no matter how hard I wish for Winter to not come, he still comes.  So I shall do what everyone needs to do in order to avoid Winter, I'm heading to the beach in MI this weekend.  THAT will solve the world.  I just know it.

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