Sunday, August 7, 2011

My New Kitchen

Thanks to my Sissy, I have a new kitchen.  I have been wanting to change my colors for awhile now but kept waiting until I found the right pieces to pull it all together.  Well, I finally found them.  Don't mind the furry rug in this picture.

One of the most important items were new curtains but I had something specific in my mind.  I wanted to use vintage hand towels in some fashion.  While shopping at a local Antique Mall I found a cute runner.  Since my window is pretty short I knew the runner could be cut in half and should work.  It had red stitching on the sides that I loved.  I'm more of a simple kind of gal, so I didn't want things too busy.  My Sissy suggested adding some extra color on the top so I went to the fabric store and found some cute red print with hints of blue and white.  It was perfect for new curtains!

Since I am NOT a sewer, I enlisted my Sissy to make them for me.  Last weekend she came home and brought her sewing machine all the way from MI.  She whipped those dudes up in 30 minutes (or less) flat.  And they look wonderful.  Thank you Sissy!!!  (She made the cute pendant banner too)

Since I had the curtains I had to add more touches of red to my kitchen.  I found this cute enamel pot at the same Antique Mall.  I store my salt and pepper in it next to the stove.

My table with my Menu board above it.

My next super cute item is this little wheel barrel.  I found it the last time I was in MI with my Sister at a barn sale we attended.  Isn't it stinkin cute?!?!   :)

Another lovely item from my Sissy is this table runner.  She made it for me for Mother's Day.  She knew I wanted to change my kitchen colors.

Another cute Antique find.....Fisher Price Barn.

I'm not the only one that loves my new kitchen.  Calleigh loves my new stripped rugs.  I find her laying on them all the time!

Red tomatoes ripening in the sunlight from my garden.

Yup, she loves the new rugs.

He just likes watching the cats roll around on the rugs.

Tiger giving Calleigh some love while laying on the rugs.  Do you see a theme here with Calleigh?

So, that's my new kitchen.  Thank you Sissy for my perfect curtains!  I love them!!

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  1. You are very very welcome!! I love all your sweet touches. I actually have a couple more things for you as have to come up here to get them. Just saying! :)