Thursday, September 1, 2011

1st Day of School

We'll I'm only 2 weeks late, but here is a picture of Colin on his first day of 7th grade! 

It's been crazy busy already and we haven't even started sports yet.  He had a quiz his 3rd day back and has already had 3 tests.  Next week, he has a project due.  I can tell already, I'm not gonna like the 7th grade.  Luckily, he is a smart kid and can do almost everything on his own.  I always help him study for quizzes and tests because it helps to have someone review things with you.  Projects are not my cup of tea.  Maybe I can teach Romeo to help him.  He's pretty smart.  Well, except for when he eats out of the liter box.

It's time for Labor Day weekend, summer is over.  Glad I did all of my Labor last weekend, I get to chill on my 3 days off.  My soon to be 16 year old Niece is coming home.  Wow, can't believe we get to say that.  Someone pinch me.  And can someone please figure out how to slow down time?

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  1. It's been so fun to visit your blog! I came over from Shann's blog. I also have a 7th grader and I could relate so well with what you said about Colin's schoolwork. Oh and I just loved your pics of Michigan, especially St. Josephs. I posted some pics on my blog of a day we were there. I truly fell in love with the area. Just love the sandy beach and pretty lake and sky. I bought tons of berries and peaches too b/c they grow the best!!! I lived in Kalamazoo for a couple of years and now live in Indiana so we aren't too far away. but I would love a cottage on the coast, my kids agree!!! You also do an amazing work with paper, love your banner at the top of your blog!!! Have a sweet day!!