Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Little Bit of Fall Fun

Last Sunday Colin was determined to get Romeo in the front yard with him.  However, Romeo does not stay in the front yard if he is not hooked up.  He would rather preview the neighborhood running 100 miles an hour so Colin knew he had to be on a leash.  I heard him tinkering in the garage for about 15 minutes and next thing I heard "Romeo!  Come-on, let's go outside".  Being the cautious parent, I went too.

Colin created a long leash and hooked it to the porch railing. He made sure it wasn't too long and wouldn't get near the street (always on his toes I tell ya).  I sat on the step and watched while they played.  Colin brought a bunch of Romeo's toys outside and I must say Romeo loved it. 

These two were quite jealous.

Colin raked a bunch of leaves and hoped that Romeo would want to play in them.  Not so much.  By now Romeo was panting and tired and just wanted to lay down and watch the world go by.  So Colin started playing in the leaves by himself.

But each time Colin laid down, Romeo went over and checked on him just to make sure he was still ok.  Colin grabbed him just long enough so I could snap a quick picture.

OK, so maybe this playing in the leaves isn't half bad.  I think I will run through them after all.

Hey guys......I want to run through the leaves too!

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