Friday, October 7, 2011

MI Trip Again......Can you believe it??

We now resume to our regularly scheduled blogging.....

As I mentioned in my last post we went to see my Sissy last weekend in MI.  We always have so much fun visiting them and this time was no exception.  We didn't do anything but just hang out, craft and play on our computers/iPods.  Since my Sissy and I are both addicted to Pinterest, we spent time looking at it and our favorite blogs.

We of course brought Romeo with us, he loves to visit his Aunt Shann's.  She seems to feed him lots of little meals where his mean ole' Mama only gives him 1 meal a day (per his vet recommendations mind you). So he loves to see her.  I snapped this picture while laying on floor holding a treat for him over me.  Think he's deprived of food??

Shann has a new family member.....or I should say my nieces do.  Her name is Zoe but Shann calles her Princess-Poops-a-lot......because she does relieve her self an awful lot.  She can also go to town in her wheel.  She spins that thing so fast you can hear her downstairs while she is in her cage upstairs.  She likes to do her Jane Fonda.

And Simon likes to watch her do her Jane Fonda....while licking his lips.

But Princess-Poops-a-lot can REALLY go to town in her little ball.  Too bad she can't pedal into that teenager room in the back ground and make that bed.  Maybe her Aunt can teach her that next time we visit.

Colin thought she worked well as a new mouse for his computer.  :)

Say cheese!

And she's off!

So after our fun time was over on Sunday we headed home.  We stopped at our normal PaPa Cider Mill for homemade cider and apple donuts and then stopped in St. Joe, MI (my favorite little town....or my 2nd favorite).  As soon as we got off the interstate we rolled the windows down for dog-dog.

This time we drove through an ADORABLE subdivision next to the water.  Of course the homes will forever be way out of my budget but it's nice to dream.  The homes remind me so much of Florida homes, bright colors, picket fences, adorable setting.  Hope the people didn't see us taking pictures and think we were weird-o's.

This one looks over the water even though you can't see it.  I bet the homes are high up on a bluff.  I wish I had a bluff.

This was my favorite one.

So that's another visit in MI.  I really think I should be a spokeswoman for that state.  Hope you are having a fantastic weekend so far!!

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  1. I think Michigan should pay you for your lovely stories about the beautiful state. You do a fantastic job. :)
    Thank you for taking the time to come up and see me. You are exactly the medicine that I needed for my little heart. xoxoxo
    Your big sis :)