Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Restful Times Ahead

Last night at 5:45pm, I started vacation for a week.  As always, it felt good to walk out of work and know I wouldn't be back for 5 working days + a weekend.  I have 2 1/2 days home alone because Colin is in school so I was hoping to do stuff for me....me,me,me!  I have a small to-do list, many items are still fun things so I will try my best to not get caught up in the chores of home.  Maybe I can actually do some blog posts too!

Mixed in with my vacation is another trip to see my Sissy and family.  But this time Mom and Dad are coming with us and I can't wait to have our whole family together again.  We don't get to do this a whole lot.  But besides a visit to Michigan, it is also my birthday this weekend.  I am more looking forward to time with family than my birthday. 

We are in the thick of Basketball again.  Since Colin is in the 7th grade he is officially part of the sports system in his school.  It's a bit more "official".  He had to try out for the team and luckily he made it.  :)  But since we only have 1 gym and lots of other sports, his practices are at 6:00am every morning.  That means this mama is up at 5:00am, Colin is up at 5:20 and he is at school at 5:45!  I know, stupid as can be.  I'm very proud of him because he is doing good.  Some mornings he is a bit grouchy, but he knows that means more sleep so he goes to bed even earlier than he has been.  But the really depressing part, 6:00am practices go through all of November (ugh!!).  If he doesn't have a game that evening, he has practice.....every....single....day.....in.....November.  So looking back when I complained in previous years of basketball, that was nothing!  But, my little buddy loves basketball so this Mama will give up her sleep.  As my Dad says, "Why do I need sleep?  One of these days I'll be able to sleep all I want when I'm dead".  :)  A man of wisdom.


  1. Enjoy your time off from work and have a super time being together with your whole family in MI! Family time is so special. Maybe you can store up some sleep during your vacation to cash in on those basketball days:) Oh and have a very Happy Birthday!!!!

  2. Hurry Up! Hurry Up! Get here fast! Hurry Up! ;)
    The Big Sis.