Wednesday, November 30, 2011

OH Christmas Tree, OH Christmas Tree

This year Colin and I may have started a new tradition.  I decided to get us a real Christmas tree instead of the artificial one I've had for the last 12 years.  Colin is big enough to help with putting things up so I decided we would give it a try.  But the next problem, I didn't know where to get a live Christmas tree in our area so we started the hunt last Saturday.

We found a tree farm on-line so we headed in their direction but got lost.  Along the way we found signs to a different tree farm so I decided to give them a shot instead and I'm happy we did.  They had lots of trees that they grew, but they also had some trees from Michigan shipped in (they said our soil and temperatures don't allow this type of tree to grow).

Colin wanted to document the trip so he was in charge of the camcorder.  I...took care of pictures.  Like this one with his goofy smile.

The families tree farm was beautiful.  I loved this barn at the end of their tree patch.

Colin took the stick-thingy to careful measure all trees so that we got the perfect size.

But this is the one we settled on.  And.......he is from Michigan.  :)  I had to laugh that I went to a small local town next to us to buy a tree from Michigan while my Sister lives there.  It was still cheaper for me to buy this one then to drive to MI to get one directly, but it would have been MORE fun to go see my Sissy.  Oh well, maybe next year.

So with the help of the tree farmer, we shoved it inside our SUV instead of on-top.  I have a feeling he knew I was a single Mom and thought this was the best route to take.  Colin was pretty disappointed.  He wanted the tree on top like everyone else does.  Maybe next year for that one too.

A couple cute other photos of the kiddo's in our house.

And let's hope that dog-dog does not go potty on the live Christmas tree.  Or dog-dog might have to go back to the North Pole with Santa.  :)  Just kidding.

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  1. What fun to get a live tree. You found a beautiful farm and tree. I bet it smells so lovely in your home!! Happy decorating:)