Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reality Check

I needed a reality check this week and last night while praying my heart out to God, he sent it to me.  As you may remember from previous blog posts over the years, I get overwhelmed during sport seasons.  Being a single parent, you get 100% of the responsibilities.  Having a 7th grade ball player feels like we went from a 3 year old to a 25 yr old in the NBA.  I know, I'm being a big baby, but let me continue with my pity party.

We are week 3 into the start of tryouts, practice and finally games.  Last week we had 3 games, this week we had 2 and in between all of those days we had 5:30am practices.  My life has revolved around basketball from 5:00am to 10:00pm when I crash and die in my bed.  I am doing laundry these days at 5:00am because that's the only time I can fit it in.  To make my life more miserable, Colin had 5 tests this week and a huge project due tomorrow.  When it rains it pours and we have a tsunami going on.

So back to my pity party.  Last night I'm praying for God to send me strength and courage to get me through this week.  I was getting upset for being a single Mom and asking again, WHY did this happen to me?  WHY do I have 100% of the responsibility of parenting?  And then God spoke to me.  He brought the title of my Blog into my mind "My Sweet Single Life".  My life is not sweet because I am single.  I have chosen for my single life to be sweet.  It was a choice I made 12 years ago when I found myself suddenly single and that choice of being single was not mine to make.  My husband left me and our 8 month old son.  I didn't know how to parent yet, let alone parent alone.  But it did not take me long to realize, you either turn this into something great, or you die.  So....I choose to make my single life sweet. 

Fast forward 12 years and while laying in my bed, wishing it wasn't 10:00pm because I wasn't ready to go to sleep, God reminded me of this.  This is the life that has been chosen for me.  I am proud to be a Single Mom and I will be just fine and a silly basketball season won't get the best of me.

P.S.  Gotta's 9:30pm, had another bball game tonight and it's time to pick up Colin at the school because the bus just got back.  Oh yes and then laundry.  :)

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  1. Oh my sweet sissy, you are the best single mother that I know! You are strong and able to do this HUGE task that is before you. And when you need strength, you know where to turn....Jesus. With the basketball schedule Colin has...he might as well be playing for the NBA. Geesh! That is why God gave me girls...who are not cheerleaders for the NBA. Hee hee.
    I am so proud of you. Always have been....always will be. And I love you with all my heart. xoxox
    Your Big SIs