Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5 Day's Until Christmas

So am I the only one out there that isn't ready?  Feels like I'm farther behind than before, but that's OK, it won't get me down.  Most of the presents are wrapped, my little buddy helped me last Saturday.  It's becoming a tradition for us to wrap together.  We end up with a mess on the family room floor but that's part of the fun.  Tiger really enjoyed playing in the mess.

He is such a helper, so grateful God gave him to me.  Not just to help me with things, just to share the time with him.  As he is getting older he wants to be responsible for the "man" things of the home so I definitely let him.  :)  He loves to change light bulbs, tighten a loose screw, fix anything that is broken.  Just give him a job and he is on it.  Praying he makes a good husband some day.

This year while we wrapped we watched our favorite movie "The Polar Express".  I took Colin to see this movie when it came out in the movie theaters.  He was 4 years old and we took Mom with us to the theater.

Colin was in awe and loved the movie.  Mom and I just enjoyed watching him more than the movie. Afterwards I took us to Hallmark and left the two of them in the car.  That year they sold Santa's Reindeer's bell, the same bell in the movie, as a Christmas Tree ornament.  The ornament came in a candy cane stripped box and the bell was nestled inside red velvet.  When I got back to the car I handed Colin the box while he was sitting in his car seat.  He was so excited and anxious to see what was inside that pretty little box.  When he opened it he immediately knew it was a Reindeer bell.  He took it out and started to shake it to see if he could hear the bell ring.  He did.  He kept saying "Nana, can you heeeeear it?"  (gotta draw out "hear" like he did in his sweet little voice)  Mom kept saying "Yes Colin, I believe in Santa, I can hear it!".  It was a great memory, hope to never forget it.

Well I must get busy with only 5 days left.  I officially started vacation last night from work so I can enjoy the next few days.  Today is Colin's last day of school before break.  While he is at school Mom and I are going Christmas shopping.  Got a few last presents to get and then I will be done!  Can't wait.  Hope you have a great day!

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