Friday, December 2, 2011

And so Christmas begins

I have been busy tonight already playing catch up on my December Daily.  I'll show you finished pages later.  Wanted to post a few favorite pictures for now and I only have a few minutes before I need to pick up my son AT HIS FIRST SCHOOL DANCE!  I cannot believe he is old enough to go to a dance.......with girls!


For many years now I have done an advent calendar for Colin.  My Mom did one for my Sissy and I that involved peppermint lifesavers on a little felt hanger where each evening we took turns eating the lifesaver.  It is one little Christmas memory I will probably always remember.  Instead of lifesavers, I have a little box with 24 mini drawers that Colin can open each day.  Sometimes there is only a piece of chocolate, maybe a lego guy or a clue to a better prize.

This year his 1st clue was "Go find Skippy".

Remember my post from a few days about about the Elf on the Shelf movie? (here)  Well Santa brought Colin and I our own Elf and Colin named him Skippy.  In the above picture Skippy was hanging onto Colin's first present.  I do not normally do this big of gifts, but for Dec 1st Colin received a Lego Advent Calendar.  He has always wanted to have one and since this year's was the City Version, I decided to do it.  I will still do our other Advent Calendar too but keep it small.

He loved the Advent Calendar as you can see and so did Tiger.  It makes a good box to rub your cheek on.

This picture really has nothing to do with our Advent or Dec 1st or 2nd, but I honestly love this picture I took.  I really can't believe I TOOK IT!  :)  It's an old Santa my Sissy bought for me and I have him sitting next to our Christmas tree.  He looks so vintagey.  I just loved the photo so wanted to share it.

Here is Colin and dog-dog before the big dance.  This is the only picture I was allowed to take of him before he left.  I was making a bigger deal out of it than he was. 

Hope you have been enjoying your first 2 days of December as well.  Much love!

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