Friday, December 30, 2011


Did everyone have a Merry Christmas?!  We did in our family.  Just wanted to post a few pictures that I actually used in my December Daily album before the new year is upon us.  This weekend I hope to take some pictures of my FINISHED December Daily.  :)  So happy I completed it this year.

Did you get to see Arthur Christmas?  It was a very cute movie.  Colin and I saw it on December 23rd.  The theatre was packed!  Perfect for the holiday season.

Christmas Eve, we filled each other's stockings.  Colin has been filling my stocking for a few years now and he loves being a part of it.  You can probably tell which stocking belongs to each of us.

Christmas Day

In the morning we got up and opened out stockings and after that we headed to Mom and Dad's to meet up with my Sissy and all of her family.  Lots of fun things were given as gifts.

That's it for now.  Must head to work one last time this year.  Hope you are enjoy the holiday season still!

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