Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Four Days Until Christmas

Skippy is still flying home to the North Pole each night to report back to Santa.  But instead of riding a reindeer last night he rode a small wooden horse.  This was my Dad's toy as a very little boy.  Be careful Skippy!!!

Giddy Up Skippy!

Movie night is in full swing at our home now that I'm home.  I pulled out our best Christmas movies and have them all stacked so we can watch a new one every chance we get.  We still have a bunch to watch!

The Lego Advent Calendar has been a hit this December.  Colin loves to open up a new door each morning.  It has many little pieces he will play with long after Christmas is over.

Romeo is always watching Colin and what is revealed.  Actually he hears a little bag crinkle and thinks its food so that is probably the real reason he is always near.

Yesterday the Advent Calendar had the little orange snowmobile.  This morning he built the sled that attaches to the snowmobile.  Some clever minds at that Ole' Lego Factory!

It's 10:00am, Colin just got done with Basketball practice and we are heading out to run some errands.  Fixing dinner tonight for a girlfriend and her family that just had surgery so we must get back home in time to do some cooking.  But it works out great because I'll make extra for Colin and I.  Enjoy your 21st day of Christmas!!

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